The WiP Wednesday Post That Isn't

You are all going to be so shocked when I tell you that today I have nothing to share.  Nothing in the way of progress on anything that is knitted that is.  I know in my heart that you are all really happy that I came to post something anyway. 

Let me explain about my sudden aversion to knitting.  It is uncontrollable.  I have every intention of spending my evening in the comfort of my chair and knitting like a mad woman.  However, something happens between 7:15 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and that is called Work.  By the time I get home, Work has sucked the will to live out of me.  I plan every day what I am going to work on and suddenly once dinner is over, I sit down to check my email and find myself willing facebook to update so I have "something to do".  WTF?  I have PLENTY to do, I just don't have the will to do it.

Work is not the only one to blame.  Nook is also to blame.  It is SO easy to just buy a book and get started.  It is also really easy to buy a book and have it sit there and mock you while you read some sort of smut novel.  And then there are the Friends to blame as well.  All of them, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, but not Ross, no no, Ross and I do not get along all that well. 

I had a plan for today.  A really good plan.  First I was only working until 11:00 and then lunch with Mom, Aunt & "Uncle".  Then I was planning on coming home and casting on a new project (yes I was only casting on today so that it would look like I had done something new) and then working a few rounds, taking some photos and posting (much earlier than right now).  I was going to try to get my daily reading target in (new book!) and then I was going to settle in tonight and watch Dallas 2.0 while knitting away.  Here is what really happened.  Lunch with the family for Mom's birthday, then some errand running with Mom.  And by errand running I mean mostly gambling.  Then home for a siesta because I was BEAT.  Only that didn't happen because someone mistook my street for a dirt bike rally site.  Then dinner with Mom and now this.  Okay, so first I checked my work email, facebook (three times), Ravelry discussions (wait until I tell you about that!) and then I did convince myself to post.  Plan Fail!

So, Ravelry.  I am doing the Traveling Monsters this go around.  My sweet little Teague has been on the road since April 16th and I have not heard from him for 20 days.  TWENTY - 20 - TWENTY days.  I posted asking about him and have heard nothing.  I don't know where my little man is.  He is an only monster and sending him off was a huge undertaking of strength for me and now he is MISSING.  I can't figure out why it is so hard to drop a note that says, "Hey I have your monster".  But nothing.  Nothing for 20 days.  I try to be a gracious host and let the other Moms know where their monsters are.  I ear burn the Mom-Mom and the Host-Mom when sending out the little gems and then I let the Mom-Mom know that their precious monster has arrived safely at my home.  Why can't everyone be like me?!?  I am about three days away from ear burning every person in the group to find out where the hell he is.  I almost want to just scream, SEND HIM HOME because I am so upset. 

So, the new book is Bared To You by Sylvia Day (I think).  It was "recommended" because I read the Fifty Shades trilogy.  So far it is kind of oddly similar and I am beginning to think it was "recommended" to show an example of how a legitimate author writes.  To say I am a little more than miffed about what I unearthed when researching Fifty (after reading the whole flipping trilogy) is a great understatement.  But, so far it seems to be fairly fast moving.  I don't understand why romance authors (if that is the genre) write such LONG chapters.  I love James Patterson, I mean Maxine Paetro who writes two-three page chapters in the Women's Murder Club books and I am okay with the length of John Sandford's chapters.  But for the love of all that is right with the world, why do romance authors write 25 page chapters?  Break that shit up!

I do plan on having some photos next week.  I hope to post later this week a little JP update.  Funny thing happened this weekend with the Jersey Project.  The Random Generator picked the LA Kings to be knit up next and well they were playing the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals and since I am not a LA fan and was firmly putting my support behind Jersey, I thought it would be bad joojoo to knit up the LA jersey, so I pushed it aside.  And it worked!  Until it didn't and LA won game six on Monday night. 

I am going to go full on bitch-on-a-soap-box-mode for a minute.  I watched the celebration. I threw up in my mouth a little when Mike Richards and Jeff Carter raised the cup, I also laughed a little knowing that Scott Hartnell was probably at home in the fetal position seeing Jeff Carter (who allegedly had an affair with Hartnell's wife) raise The Cup.  I also felt about a one thousandth of the pain Jack Johnson had to be feeling watching the (see NHL Trade: Jeff Carter from Columbus to LA for Jack Johnson) Kings win.  I was happy knowing that Rob Scuderi, a former winner with Pittsburgh, won a second (even though he probably didn't really undergo concussion testing) and that Luc Robitaille was finally getting a little piece of it.  I like to just overlook LA's Ass-GM.  And I do mean ASS.

Here's where I get a little irritated.  Post-game presser with Jonathan Quick & Stone Face Sutter.  Quick's two-year old daughter is running around, jabbering while reporters are trying to get some answers/quotes for their pieces the next morning.  Quick spends more time watching that kid run around than answering questions. Then she nearly chokes on and M&M.  Finally Mom takes her, but then a few minutes later brings her back.  Um, sorry, but you are the Conn Smythe winner and an American born goalie (you don't see that every day) and these people are trying to do their job and you are being a dick and not paying attention.  In all the years I have watched the SC, I don't remember anyone bringing their kid to the presser, especially one that can't sit still.  I thought it was beyond rude, while everyone else thought it was adorable.  Sorry, I don't dislike Quick, I just dislike when people are rude and don't control their kids. 

Whew...that was a long step off that soap box.

See, if I would have had progress it would have been quite a short post and you would not have gotten to see the ugly side of me and my reaction to wandering kids. 

I hope you have a happy and progressive week.  I hope I have the same.


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