The One Without Photos

That's right.  I have no photos to share and really nothing much in the way of a story or any sort of plot based ideas.  I will admit that I had a fleeting thought of not posting today, but that really thwarts my plan for June and as it is only the third day, I thought I would try to wait until at least the fifth day to dump my plan in the crapper.

I watched two movies this weekend. First up was Goon.  I REALLY wanted to see this.  I had only pieces of information about it from a few different blog sites and as it is a Canadian film, there was not much in the way of a US release.  It would not have drawn any big numbers (viewers and dollars spent).  As a self-proclaimed hard core hockey fan, I just could not recommend this movie to really anyone.  It is definitely more of a Guy Flick than a Chick Flick.  Lots and lots of fighting, and that is not really my scene.  I assume it was some sort of satirical comment on the fighting in the League, but somewhere I think it lost something.  I laughed a couple of times, but once I got to the end and with the copious amount of blood, all that humor is lost on me. 

Thankfully, today I watched a movie I much more enjoyed.  I watched This Means War with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.  I think it is an example of a great balance between guy movie and girl movie.  I loved the action and the heart of the movie.  It was a lot of fun and made me laugh.  Of course I was in love with Tuck because of the accent.  Find me a girl who doesn't like a British accent.  Adorable movie and I am really glad I went out and got it last night.

I still have yet to watch The Vow.  I got it from Netflix, but just never got around to watching it and I just don't feel in the mood for a movie that looks very serious and potentially depressing.  I need something upbeat or a good police thriller.  Something juicy.

I am still muddling my way through the Fifty Shades Trilogy.  I am on book three and cannot wait to be through this book so that:
  1. I can get back to my genre
  2. I can finally read all the commentary on the book. 
I have several thoughts on it but I really want to have the whole story before I can make them be known.  In a word I would call this story interesting.  Now whether that is good interesting or bad interesting I have yet to finalize.  But I will let you know.

And with that I am going to be off, for a few reasons, Blogger is acting funny (he actually kicked me out once and froze up my browser and now it appears he is halting my writing).


Heather said…
I'd like to knit a wee Calgary Flames sweater for my neighbour's son. Would you tell me where you found your sweater pattern? Thanks.

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