HSC: Week 5

How do you identify the right gift for the right person? Do you spy on your giftees year round? Ask them what they want? Take requests? What tips do you have for making the right choices with handmade holiday gifts?

I would guess that a good portion of the time, I find the “right” gift for people by accident and often at the last minute.  I make fair use of my Ravelry Queue most of the time.  If I see something while browsing, I usually pop it in there and then when I am wondering what to make someone I go and look there.  Sometimes I take something from there, sometimes I look for something “similar but different”. 
Since my knit for list is so small that coming up with ideas about stuff they would like is pretty easy.
I don’t think I have ever asked someone what they wanted me to make for them. There is a good reason for that, I often take on more than I can stand and end up with horrible stress and anxiety.  If I just decide what to make someone, there is only myself to blame and I really like to surprise people.
As for tips, here is some guidelines/ideas I have come up with for the “what to make for _____”
…for the girly-girl
·         cowls in a soft dk weight in light soft colors (cream, baby blue, soft pink)
·         fingerless mitts with a lacework pattern
·         small clutch bag
…for the little ones
·         stuffed animals in any size and color (pink monkeys, purple hippos, red & gray monsters)
…for an acquaintance or other female family member
·         dishcloths (people seem to love these).  I like to do a coordinating set between four and six.  I love the fruit shaped cloths that are out there.
·         coasters.  Again, a grouping of four to six with a couple of mugs and some coffee/tea/cocoa
…for the younger crowd
·         young girls love fingerless mitts and knee socks (I don’t knit them, but I know they love them)
·         Cozies!  iPod & phone cozies are perfect and can come in a variety of styles and colors.  You can even tuck in a little gift card too.
·         Hats – girls and guys are always sporting caps, tight beanies or slouchy styles are really popular
·         Scarf! You can do the illusion scarves or the ever popular Dr. Who scarf.  There are spirals scarves and super skinny long scarves.  Team colors are always good too.


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