HSC: Week 4

You’ve made your list, you’ve thought about yarn, and you’ve scoped out some pattern ideas. Can you try to match up your projects to people? What about setting some completion deadlines? Now’s the time to think about how you are going to make this all happen early this year, rather than at the last minute. Do you have any organizing or motivating tips to share? Are there any pitfalls you are worried about? Tell us how you plan to get your holiday crafting done earlier this year.

Oh boy am I organized!  I have set up a nice little Excel (because it is the best program ever made) workbook and have each project laid out and each month planned to perfection. 

I break each project down into rows/rounds (either set or anticipated), build my formulas for % complete, remaining rows/rounds.  It is all wonderfully color coded and I update each day on my tracker sheet. 

You see, I am that big of a dork that I track EVERYTHING in my life.  Pages read, days read, rows/rounds knit, days knit, upcoming projects, journaling

But, if that sort of insanity gets stuff done, then that is what I will do.

This month I hope to finish:

2 baby items (don't worry they are small)
1 scarf/shawlette
3 jerseys (this is a pre-committed project that is not holiday related)
And anything else that I can fit in!

Don't forget to check out Underground Crafter for the Holiday Stashdown Challenge.

P.S. If there are misspelled words, please forgive me, spell checker went bat shit crazy on me and I had to abort.  ABORT!


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