WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 16

Here's a sneak peek at what's in this issue.

Ahh...that final Wednesday of the month. Those last few days seem so trying to me sometimes. I am ready to start clean, fresh, get something new on the needles. I like the idea of a clean slate, a do over of sorts. It is especially helpful when I have had a very unproductive month or two and I feel like I have a golden opportunity to make up for it.

I spent most of the month, as you well know, working on the Jersey Project.  Actually except for a few hours, I spent all my knitting time on those damn jerseys!  But I am finally caught up and if I can reign in my focus, I can stay that way. It is hard to believe that I am at the half way point when January seemed like it was just a few weeks ago. 

To end May off in fashion and start June off with a bit of a head start, I cast on a new Hitchhiker...

If you remember, I had started one way back in April when the Stanley Cup Playoffs were just beginning and my beloved Penguins were still in the game.  Well, like the way of my dear Penguins, it just wasn't meant to be.  I am quite positive that the yarn I was using is cursed.  I can't imagine what else it could be.  That yarn just doesn't want to become anything!

But I loved the pattern and I just knew that I could find some yarn in my stash that would work.  A little word to the wise, variegated good, self-striping bad.  The pattern is easy and there is always a good "stopping" point after just eight rows.  That means that if I have had a harrowing day and all I want to do is stare mindlessly at old reruns of Yes Dear & Friends, but still feel the need to get in a little fibery bonding, I only have to commit to eight rows.  Eight rows of garter stitch!  I can do that.  Here is just a couple of repeats.  I am using Knit Picks Stroll in Make Believe.  I rescued this from a KAL that happened way back in September.  I had dropped some stitches, had misplaced yarn overs and so it was better to just frog it and send it on its way to its destiny. 

"A little each day"
That is my new motto.  For everything!  A little reading, a little knitting, a little fun, and a LOT of love!

I have also been working my way through a reading frenzy.  Pretty much every year I get this incredible drive where all I do is want to read.  Summer is the perfect time for that, as there is rarely anything worth watching and a book is just the answer.  I turn on something like a baseball game (doesn't matter who is playing, I don't watch it, it simply provides that background noise I need) and prop up my Nook and get down to business.

As I may have mentioned I was sucked in by all the hype and had to read Fifty Shades of Grey.  And if you have read it, you know that you really can't stop at the end of book one because that is no way to end a book, so off I went to get the remaining two books and now I am well into book two, Fifty Shades Darker.

I am not usually a reader of romance books, but I have been known to "crack the spine" of a couple and while the writing is less than what I usually go for, the story has proven to be quite intriguing.  I am fully invested in these characters and can't wait to see where the end up.  I would expect to see a photo of Fifty Shades Freed next week.

I can't remember if I mentioned in any of my writings, I am quite sure I didn't, but...I have been bitten by the writing bug.  He bit me hard and while I have been jotting down notes here and there, this past week I got a jump on some scenes and it was pretty thrilling for me to dust off the keyboard and get started again.  Of course I don't have a plot, but I have two characters.  Unfortunately only one has a name so I have to enlist the help of a few apps and this book...

Which I have changed to...

I can't find a name for this one person, so tonight I am going to settle in with a lovely beverage, which may or may not be alcoholic, and find a damn name!

With any luck next week I will have more of the Hitchhiker done and possibly will have another something or other on the needles.  Just not the US 4 tips as I am using those for HH.

I hope you all have a lovely end of May and a joyous jump into June!


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