WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 15

Hey, I'm early this week!  That doesn't mean I have really anything to show for it.  One little itty bitty picture of knitting.  That is all.  But I am making up for it with two hot guys and one hot book.

But first, the knitting...

...Another effing jersey.  Seriously that is all I have done this month is jerseys.  I am sick of them.  But I keep doing them because I want to have one banging tree this year.  I want to make all those other hockey loving knitting chicks to be completely jealous of my tree!  Yes, I am that girl. 

And that is as far as I have gotten on it.  There is some hope for tonight as I plan on watching a movie and well you can't do anything but knit during a movie right? 

In all fairness to myself, I did complete TWO of them last week.  This was supposed to be done on Sunday, but well it didn't even get started until late Sunday afternoon and the hour that The Killing is on is reserved for much needed and deserved foot massages.  And the last two nights...

...I was reading this

I'd heard a lot about it.  I had seen references and speculation that they are making a movie (maybe in Silicon Valley!) and I didn't want to miss the boat like I did on The Hunger Games.  And I got it for free so.  I did read that the writing is a little less than bad, but that if you made it through the first quarter of the book, it didn't much matter how bad the writing was because the imagination more than made up for it.  So how could I pass this up?  Did I mention I got it for free? (actually got all three of them for free in epub format...bonus!).  So I made it through pretty much the first 20% last night, only 5% to go.  Hit that today and well I have a new found respect for vanilla. 

One of my main bitches with the book is that I have no idea what this guy looks like!  I can't put a face on him and that is unacceptable.  I could care less what she looks like, but I would love to know what/who he looks like.

If you have read it or heard some of the hype, you might know why this took priority over knitting the last two nights!

And as I promised two hot men...

We will start with Jason O'Mara.  I watched One For the Money on Sunday and the only reason I watched the entire movie is because there were shirtless scenes with Mr. O'Mara and I didn't want to miss that.  He is yummy.  I miss Life on Mars just because he was nice to look at (the show was sucky, but so are a lot of shows that are still on air).  I missed out on Terra Nova because I just don't do dinosaurs and lost islands.  I could do a lost island with him and me though.  Just saying.

And then today there was this picture over on TV Line and well I just got all flustered.

This man is still so freaking hot!  That is Jason Gedrick in case some of you are too young to remember Iron Eagle or Backdraft (both of which I have seen well over 100 times of course I was in love with William Baldwin in Backdraft, but that is a story for another time).  So, he is headed over to Dexter this next season.  And I don't watch Dexter for several reasons.  But I could be persuaded to tune in just to see him.  Bonus if he will be shirtless!  I think it is the dark hair, dark eyes, five o'clock stubble, smirk, ruggedness and the fact that I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  But yummy!  Or if you are a Rachel Ray person, YUMMO!

If you are looking for a really good book or series of books to read, check out John Sandford's Prey novels.  I started last June or July at the beginning and never regretted it for a minute (don't ask how much I spent on ebooks (but it was all worth it)).  I just finished the latest release, Stolen Prey and it was so good!  I think Lucas in his younger days could have given Christian Grey a run for his money!


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