WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 14

It's still Wednesday, so I didn't miss it!  By my clock, I still have three hours and fifty nine minutes!

I am completely off on my days.  I thought today was Thursday pretty much all day.  So I imagine tomorrow will be long and horrible. 

I don't really have much of anything to share this week.  I have not really worked on anything other than jerseys since the Slug.  I feel like I have been working on nothing but jerseys this entire month.  Probably because I have!  I have two FPs, one jersey and one quick maybe four hour slug.  If I don't start working on something else soon, I am going to break every needle I own and if I can't break the metal ones, I will melt them down and fashion spears out of them!  And yes I do realize that I control what I knit.  What I don't control is the part of my brain that puts all kinds of pressure on the rest of me!

Okay, enough pity party...on to photos (a whopping two today)

First we have...

...what else but jersey bits. 

And next we have what I have been working on almost all evening...

...the new John Sandford book!  It finally released yesterday.  I have had it on pre-order for a month and I finally got to download it yesterday morning.  I LOVE John Sandford's books. 

And that is what I have.  I swear if I don't have something different for next week I will just shut this blog down!


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