WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 12

This is not a test.  Please do not adjust your computers.  I am actually writing a Work In Progress post.  I repeat, this is not a test. 

I actually got some knitting done in the past few days.  A little knitting.  Don't get too excited, it is just a little bit.

First up, because I don't have enough to do already and because it is not like I am behind or anything, I decided to cast on yet another new project.  I decided I needed that "no-brainer-no-look-go-to-project" that all the cool kids have.  The kind of project that I could do while reading.  Hahaha!  Sorry, that made me laugh, because while I did read while knitting on this, I had to reread it all later so that I knew what the hell was going on in the story!  But practice makes perfect, so I will keep trying. 

Enough with the story and let's see the photo....

It is one of those dishcloth baby blankets...or it is supposed to be.  I am using my trusty US 8 Clover bamboo needles that I use for all my cloths and some Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (that I am convinced is made by the Lily Sugar & Cream people).  It is only in its infancy, but I have a lot of reading to do...

I should mention here to try and forgive the shitacular photo quality as it was 9:05 p.m., I was in pain and just used my iPad so that I could easily email them to myself without having to turn on the behemoth desktop.

I started feeling a little guilty about starting another new project.  And when I say a little guilty, I mean I felt as if I had just murdered someone.  Or what I am assuming that might feel like as I am still a sweet and innocent young girl.  So I thought it would be best if I cast on something that was on my list, since I still wasn't in the mood to do much purling.

It actually works out quite lovely for all of you because you get to see one of my famous (or what I am hoping will become famous) jerseys in progress...

I won't spoil what team it is.  But I will say that if you look carefully on my page you can figure it out.  This is the very beginning...six rows out of a combined ninety five (because I am a dork I know how many rows it takes to finish one of these).  Notice all those strings...I get to weave all that shit wonderful yarn in at the end.

And then finally we have what is probably technically another new project, but since it is using reclaimed yarn from a previously existing project, I am going to say it is not new.  Did that make sense?  Here's the 4-1-1.  I was painfully happily working way on the nightmare linen stitch scarf that was cast on by my crazy wonderful sister when I realized that somewhere I had effed up made an error and found myself lost.  The next minute found me frogging the scarf and winding little center pull butterflies with the thought of casting on a new length-wise scarf.  And luckily I had one in my library that I thought looked promising, so I cast on the Sock Remnant Scarf.  For one length from the linen stitch scarf, I got six rows of this new scarf.  That is so much cooler to say I knit six rows instead of I knit one row.  I managed to eek out 18 rows last night and still have one butterfly left.  Weaving it was a lot of fun too.  Now would be a good time to note that I am proficient in sarcasm.

And because I am a dork I can tell you that I am at about the same completion point on this scarf as I was on the linen stitch scarf (around 6%). 

I fully intend to be back next week with some more progress...at least on something!


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