Snapshot Sunday: Volume 1 Issue 9

Every Sunday I head into the office with the intention of posting my Sunday post early in the day (or earlier than 8:27 p.m.!) and every Sunday I end up checking email and a few sites (facebook,, Celebrity Baby Blog) and then I leave without posting.  Every single Sunday!  I have mentioned before that I have been diagnosed with a severe case of procrationationitis and it seems to be getting worse not better.  Damn treatment fail!

What would you say if I told you that all my SS pictures were from this weekend and one was stolen from the internet?  Is that cheating?  Because if it is, well then I either fail or you are all willing to look the other way.

The weekend started Friday night with dinner at one of the best restaurants in town.  I don't have any photos, but I highly doubt you wanted to see three women scarf down a delicious meal in a low lit restaurant anyway. 

Saturday I was not up bright and early.  I slept in and was finally awoken by Cooper jumping on my bed and then with one look of me, took off running down the hall.  It was apparently not a pretty site.  So I reluctantly got up and got the day started.  Sorry I don't have photos of Wal-Mart but I am sure you can all imagine what it is like. 

After a couple of other stops we headed up to the Mountain Con to check out the new park area that opened.  A little back story, Butte is rich with mining history (especially underground) and Arco has slowly been remediating land and turning it back over to the city and they have put in this tremendous walking trail and in cooperation with the city have been turning old mine yards into park/memorial sites.  I am so in love with Granite Mountain that I could not wait to go see the new site and so up Main street we went and came upon the Mountain Con mine

This is the headframe in all it's beautiful glory.  You can't tell from my photo (because I am awesome like that) but it is fenced off so that you can't actually go in.  Because let me tell you some numb nut would climb to the top and fall off and that would be really messy and probably ruin the serene vibe of the park area.

We went for a little walk and came upon a "point of interest" (of which I do not have a photo of the informational plaque).  I took this photo of the stunning view...

I love headframes so I am always taking pictures of them.  And this was not with my good camera.  This was my phone camera (which is pretty darn nice).  And I am not sure what headframes those are.  I am pretty sure one is the Steward and the other is...not sure.

And this is a view from the beginning of the trail of the city.  I wish I could have captured all of it.  The feeling and the beauty of the mountains because it felt amazing and at that moment I could not imagine not living around all of that. 

After that the weekend was just a weekend.  You know, a trip to Dairy Queen (or two).  Really there were two trips to DQ this weekend, not in the same day, but...just saying. 

I watched One for the Money and I kept expecting it to get better and well it didn't.  I think I was disturbed by Katherine Heigl trying to pull off some sort of Jersey accent and it was not working for me.  I will not lie I am pretty sure I kept watching because of Jason O'Mara. 

Would you have turned that off?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

Saturday night Oxygen was running a Glee marathon of sorts.  After a couple of episodes and a lot of confusion (because they were not in order) I stumbled upon the fact that it was a Glee Project Winner Marathon.  Yeah I was totally confused how it went from Quinn walking to Quinn in a wheelchair!  And one thing I realized is that as dorky as Blaine is, Darren Criss is hot!

And then I did some Googling and oogling and stumbled upon his date of birth.  I will just leave it there because I felt a little dirty at that point.

Today there was some sad news Robin Gibb passed away.  It is so sad.  My most favorite album in the entire world and of all time is Saturday Night Fever.  Seriously if that was the only thing I could listen to for now until the end, I would be so happy.  I LOVE it.  So the passing of another Gibb brother is just sad.  Very sad.  And then I found this in my photo folder and well it is just so freaking cool...

The Bee Gees...knitted!  Oh my god I need to find this pattern.  Like really need to find it.  Chest hair?  Full beards?  White suits?  Yes please!  I need this like really need it.  So if you know where it is, please let me know.  I must have these.  MUST HAVE.

Oh and finally I voted.  It was time.  I got my ballot a week or so ago and decided that I just needed to get it done. 

I predict problems for the Clerk & Recorder when it comes to absentee ballots because I read the instructions, three times and then had someone else read them and while I know that I only vote one party, I know that some people are not going to have a clue and will vote both and will wonder why they have an "unvoted ballot" enveloped.  Because nowhere on the instruction sheet does it say to ONLY VOTE ONE PARTY BALLOT.  Yeah, first primary election for this Clerk & Recorder and she effs it big time on the absentee instructions.  In any event I took my trusty number two pencil to work and did my constitutional right and made my voice heard.

Sorry Mitt & were the weakest links.

There is something that is so awesome voting absentee.  The ability to Google candidates I have never even heard of!  I was able to make truly informed decisions instead of just guessing.  And yes we have one of the latest primaries.  June!  June is our primary.  I remember thinking it was odd that there were debates in February while I was watching hockey and then I realized that we are so behind in everything!

And that was my week.  Oh wait...a new guest showed up on Saturday, Estrella

I need to find some sort of adventure that is worthy of a princess.  I think I am totally screwed.


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