Snapshot Sunday: Volume 1 Issue 8

I wish I could say "I can't believe it is already time for Snapshot Sunday", but the truth is, I can believe it is time.  Time is just flying by, which when you reach a certain age you wish it would slow down a bit.  Unfortunately I can't remember what age that is!

The weekend has been very delightful and I hope and pray that delightfulness carries on through the work week.  Hey, we can all dream!

The week started out with some excitement...

My primary ballot came in the mail.  Yes to two things, first we have a LATE primary (June) and second I vote absentee.  There is something about sitting in your pajamas with your hair up and casting votes about the future of government.  I like to do it BEFORE showering.  The one thing that I cannot stand about an election year is all the advertisements.  I don't mind so much seeing the various banners and yard signs posted on every street corner (no election signs on our street, which just says that we are a quiet bunch that keeps to themselves), but I cannot stand the television smear campaigns.  They are disgusting and I just mute them or turn the channel.  If it is DVR, no problem, I fast forward through ALL commercials.  But, yes it is nice to vote absentee for other reasons.  If I have a question about a candidate, I can pop online to check out where they stand or who they are.  And since our city changed the polling places from several community places to one single location, I just can't do it.  I cannot go stand in line and wait to vote.  Also I miss going to the little school gym and voting, there was just something about it I adored.  The only other thing that sucks about election year is that our company doesn't recognize election day as a holiday and I have to work!  That is one thing about working for the State I miss, all the November holidays!

I have had a set of twins since late last week and let me tell you, twins are A LOT to handle.  Here are some out takes from the week.

That's Vinnie & Val and they are all full of fun and crazy!  I mean really, who rides a lizard?

Most of the week was just work and who cares about that?  Yesterday was a full day of on the go craziness.  We started the day at Wagner's Nursery (we won't be going back as they were unaccommodating for the second year in a row) and I was able to snap off some beautiful scenery shots.  This was a quick shot with my phone from my car window.  I can't believe it turned out exactly as I had hoped it would (but didn't expect)

That is the East Ridge (as we locals call it) and it is along the Continental Divide.  That train trestle is hidden in there and when you come upon it it is just stunning and a little mysterious.  I honestly don't understand why people would not want to live near the mountains.  I would miss them terribly.  Eastern Montanans are so missing out on Montana's beauty.

After a day of shopping and lunching and running all around, we finally ended up at The Berkley Pit (an adventure for the twins) and I was able to snap some shots with my good camera.  The "Pit" as we call it, is an open mining hole that was abandoned by the Anaconda Company back in the early 1980s.  It had been closed off for years and then was turned into a tourist attraction.  Butte has a very rich mining history, mostly underground, but they did and still do above ground mining.  The Pit has been filling with water since its abandonment and this is what it looks like today.

I don't have an exact depth.  But it is a lot.  I was shocked at how high the water line is.  There has been continual testing of the highly toxic water and a few years ago there was an organism that was found living in it.  And so far there have been no alien babies reported, but we continue to wait and see what will happen.  I have not heard of any plans of late on how to handle the situation, but when and if it ever does reach its peak, it is going to take out the operating mine, oh and my house!  It is still an amazing thing to see.

And here is a snap shot of what made Butte back in the hey day...

A headframe.  Forgive me, I don't know which mines are represented in this photo.  I absolutely love the headframes and love to look out on summer nights as the sun is setting and see the skyline dotted with them.  The Belmont is close to my office, I drive past it every day.  There is an opportunity to go into one of the old underground mines, but I am so claustrophobic that the thought of it sends chills throughout my body.  I am just fine not experiencing that. 

Ooh and here is a snap shot of the wool I plan on using for my ***** ********* that I hope to start in June!

And that is what I have for you this week.  I have to remember to take that camera out every day and capture something. 

The twins will be heading out on Tuesday and then a new little monster will be arriving by week's end so there are a lot of adventures planned.  I am hoping to maybe take a drive to the lake, but it all just depends on how the week turns out to see how the weekend will be.  And we are always at the mercy of the weather!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life.  I love each and every one so very much.  And Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there no matter if your child is two-legged or four-legged, you make a difference in their lives!


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