Snapshot Sunday: Volume 1 Issue 7

I wasn't going to make my post today because time has just gotten away from me this weekend, but after watching The Killing, I decided that there were still four hours left in Sunday (at least for me) and I could still make it.  So here it is...

The beginning of the week was very exciting

First there was this envelope in my mail box.  It was a survey to complete for Nielsen and I was excited.  It was only a few questions and was less than informative from my standpoint.  I have always wanted to do Nielsen, so you can imagine my excitement and then disappointment when they only asked one question about what shows I watch.  Totally bummed me out.  But...

...On Tuesday I got to change my calendar at work.  That is always fun!  And boy did it take a long time to fill out May's activities!  So many birthdays and a couple of events.  Like May Fair!  I can't wait until next weekend!

I got my Cinco de Mayo swap package on Friday and it was full of cool stuff, like that big green thing...that's a bag, it scrunches up into a little pouch you can throw in your purse!  Some beautiful cloths, pens, some yarn that I have never seen and that top one is not pink, it's more orangey.  There are some damn potent sour candies that fizz in your mouth!  Wowzers did that ever wake me up!

 On Thursday I got my new visiting Monster(s) Vinnie & Val, aka "The Twins".  They took some time to look at our fake Nemo.
 And tonight, the got their very own massages.

I hope to take plenty more photos this week.  I was out of sorts last week and am still suffering through some aches and pains (back & big toe).  But I am on the mend and hopefully will have myself put together enough to take some interesting shots so you are not left with crap next Sunday.

Look for a finished project this week!  That is always exciting.  And maybe a new cast on...we will have to see how things go.

And in a little footnote on the NHL Playoffs:

St. Louis - WTF?  You were swept by the Kings?  They CANNOT be in the SC Finals.  They are being touted as the flyers east over on the Puck This forums and I cannot stomach that. 

New Jersey - If I had a life savings I would give it to you just so you could knock the flyers out in philly.  It would be nice if you would do it anyway, even without my non-existent life savings.  And if you are so inclined, drop me a comment and I will let you know where to send donations for my life savings account.

New York - You CANNOT lose to Washington.  I only rooted for them in the first round because I hate Boston more than them.  Like really I do, but I still love you and Torts.  So, just win the next two okay?

Phoenix - I have never liked Raffi Torres so I am not holding his shit show against you.  I have been rooting for you because I think it would be cool to see Shane Doan go further in the playoffs and you have BizNasty.  Plus I don't much like Carrie Underwood.


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