Jersey Project: Update 1

Project Updates: Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Dallas
Craft: Knit
Begin Date: May 11, 2012
Completion Date: May 28, 2012
Materials: Knit Picks Palette (White, Serrano, Ivy, Camel Heather, Currant, Blue, Black, Silver), US 2 needles
Pattern Source: Mini Sweater

I thought that instead of doing four individual posts and since the "project" isn't quite finished (half way though!) I would start a new little post "Jersey Project".  It took me all of three minutes to make the header graphic.  Yeah, it sucks, but for an impatient girl, three minutes is a sweet deal.  And in case you are wondering, that is indeed the Pittsburgh Penguins alternate jersey template (the old one).  It was the first one I saw that didn't make me want to hurl.

So, I was busy with nothing but jerseys during May.  Seriously, nothing but jerseys.  Except for that two evening slug knitting, I did nothing but knit with US 2's, Palette and a rising distaste for many NHL teams. With the exception of Phoenix and Washington (which I posted earlier), none of these teams made the playoffs. 

Let's see some pictures shall we...

First up, the Minnesota Wild or the Christmas Tree jersey.  Seriously I hate the red and green combo.  It is even worse if you are watching a home game as they always wear green breezers with their red jerseys and it is just not right.  New Jersey did that back in the day and it just doesn't work. 

Next up is Tampa Bay Lightening.  I don't really like how this turned out.  I don't like the blue but then I don't like the Lightening's new jerseys.  If I ever feel like torturing myself, I will knit up a new one in black with silver accents. But for now, it is going down and D-O-N-E, done!

Now Phoenix.  I would have loved to use the same yarn as the Wild jersey.  Even though in the photo above it looks bright red, that is my flash, it is more brick red, which would have been great for Phoenix, but the new balls of Serrano are really bright, which maybe leaves me to believe that I used a different red, but not sure which one.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to keep the ball bands with Palette?  So I used Current because Lipstick was too pink.  I love the Current and I originally got it to go with the Avalanche jersey.  I still like the jersey a lot.

And then I started thinking that I am going to have a lot of dark jerseys on the tree so since I still hadn't gone over the half-way mark, have decided that there is a lot more white in my future as I try to balance out the home and away ratio.  The first white jersey went to Washington and next up is the Dallas Stars.  Also I didn't really want to knit an all black jersey again.

I really like it.  The "away" jersey could become my new favorite. 

So I am now officially all caught up with just a few days left in May.  It feels great, and I am just hoping that I can stay on track and get this done. 

The Dallas jersey officially marks the HALF-WAY point.  That is jersey number 15 and it feels awesome.  I have no idea what jersey is up next.  I will be drawing on Thursday for that.  Fingers crossed it is NOT LA.  Sorry Kings, I think you were handed your Finals berth.  Especially that questionable win in game 5!

Happy Memorial Day.  I hope you spent your weekend with the people you love and had nothing but a great time making memories.


Heather said…
Thanks for the jersey update. I love seeing this little ones.

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