HSC: Week 3

Now that you’ve sized up the yarn in your stash and the people on your gift list, what types of projects do you plan to make? Are you making the same type of (or the same exact) project for multiple people, or does everyone get something unique? Do you have lofty project goals for everyone on your list, or do you make small gifts with love? Tell us more about your project ideas!
Oh, I always have loft goals.  I always imagine making every woman on my list a magnificent shawl, when I have yet to make one at all. 

This year I am trying to keep it simple.  Because sometimes simple is special. 

For the hard-to-figure-out girl/woman, I like to make fingerless gloves.  I did this a couple of years ago for a dear friend and they were very well received.  And they were FAST!  Who doesn't love a fast knit that turns out so beautiful?

For those who can't be named (sister & mom) I plan on making...well something, I have only figured out what Sister might get (might because it is another lofty goal!) and Mom will be happy with just about anything!

I plan on making an aunt a knitted bear because she likes bears.  It is funny because the pattern I picked out, I started gathering the supplies for and then read the pattern and now she might be getting a dishcloth!  I have never done joints and I don't even have a store nearby that sells joints!  So it might be back to the drawing board on that, unless my inner superwoman breaks free and says, "You Can Do It" or maybe that is my inner Rob Schneider.

First on my list of gifts is some baby items for a friend due in September.  So I am busy trying to find patterns befit a baby boy.  So many adorable little girl things in my queue, but of course dear friend has to be difficult and produce a boy!

I hope that as the days turn into weeks I am struck with some sort of sign that says, "Make This for This Person and Make That for That Person".  A girl can dream.

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It sounds like you are trying to keep your goals somewhat reasonable, which may mean you can actually get your projects done.

For the bear, you might want to consider a non-jointed pattern. But if she is a really special aunt, you might want to dive in and give it a try!

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