Holiday Stashdown Challenge: Week 1

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Underground Crafter is doing a 2012 Holiday Stashdown Challenge and I have decided to get in on some of that!  The idea is to start knitting/crocheting sooner rather than later and from as much stash as possible for holiday gift giving (or gift giving in general). 

Each Tuesday there is a prompt to sort of get the juices flowing and so let's just jump right into week one's prompt.

The prompt for Tuesday, May 15: How do you decide who is crochet- or knit-worthy? Do you make gifts for all the important people in your life, or are you selective about who receives your handmade creations? Draft up the list of who you will be making gifts for this year and when you plan to give or ship the gifts. (Even if you can’t share the details of the list, let us know how many people are on it; if the recipients include friends, family, classmates, co-workers; when you need to have the gifts finished, etc.)

There was a time when I first started knitting that I thought everyone I knew would love something hand knit.  As time has gone on, I have realized that not everyone I know is knitworthy.  Don't get me wrong, nobody has ever said "Um...gee thanks".  I think everyone was appreciative, I just don't know that in the end it was worth my time to make them something.  As a slow knitter, it takes a considerable amount of time to make something (some things don't take as long as others but...).  So you want to make sure that the person receiving the gift will really appreciate it and get some use out of it or give it the love it wants.

I find that for that hard to figure out person, I like to make up a nice set of dishcloths because everyone can use them.  They seem to be much appreciated.  That is what I did a few years ago, I made dishcloth baskets for some friends and family.  Cowls are nice because they are usually quick and make lovely gifts for women.  For the men I have made hats and it is a crap shoot every time. 

I have widdled my list down to just a few that I put the thought and time into knitting for.  So here is my list and it may or may not be all inclusive.

  1. Mom - of course Mom loves everything that is made for her.  She is most appreciative out of anyone and it is such a big deal to me to have her really love something I made.
  2. Sister - she is a tough one to make things for because she is SuperCraftWoman.  Seriously she makes stuff in her sleep she is so crafty.  It is always a challenge to find something that I can do that she hasn't already done herself.  I have fallen the last few holidays/birthdays and not made anything, but this year I have a plan!
  3. Aunts - these are two difficult women to shop and craft for.  It is hard to figure out what to make, but they seem to appreciate whatever they get.  This year I plan a bear for one and I have no idea for the other (she might just get a retail gift).
  4. Nephews - in years past they have been easier to knit for because they were young and liked toys and I love to knit toys, but they are getting older and are into things like Legos and I really can't knit Legos. 
  5. Friends - I have only a couple that I get gifts for and this year I am at a loss.  Last year I knit a baby sweater for one who had a little boy and this year another is due in September with another boy!  I have to put on my thinking cap.
And that is pretty much my list.  I don't have a lot of gift giving to do as the family is small and the friends list even smaller.

Right now I am trying to catch up on a few projects and hope to really get my giddy up and go in June!

Remember to check out Underground Crafter for all the other participants.


I find it difficult to decide what to make for the menfolk, too. As you say, it is a crapshoot as to whether the gift will be loved. I do find that all the menfolk appreciate the handmade gifts, but if the gifts aren't in their style, the gifts are not worn!
Erin_in_Boston said…
The one thing I have found to be successful as a gift for the men in my family is a felted bowl. At first I made them smallish for change and then the requests were for a larger size to drop keys into. So it was a gift that was well received and they often want a new color each year.

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