FP: Sabrina Slugger

Name: Sabrina Slugger
Pattern: Garden Slug
Craft: Knitting
Made For: Mom - Mother's Day
Needles: US 5
Yarn: Lily Sugar & Cream - Swimming Pool; White; Hot Pink
Started: 5/8/12
Completed: 5/9/12

I usually do a garden theme for Mother's Day and this year was no exception.  I did need a little surprise and about a month ago my mom became a big fan of slugs.  Well maybe just one slug, a little Star Wars slug that my little nephew gave her before he left from their visit.  I decided that she needed another slug to add to her collection and thus, Sabrina Slugger moved in.

I used both KFB increases and the increases called for in the pattern.  I was on deadline and had trouble in those first few tight rounds lifting and knitting, so to save my sanity I did the KFB.  She turned out just cute as can be!  Even with one eye a little larger, nature is never perfect.  I chose to give her smaller lips and cast on fourteen stitches.  She has the perfect pucker.

At first I thought that this was going to be a tough knit, maybe that was because I had to start three different times because I could not for the life of me get the first i-cord row!  It was a hot mess on a hot day.  But once I got going, the going got good and it was smooth sailing.  I love that there was an itty bitty seam to close that was no problem at all.

Sabrina is happily resting in her new home, not the garden, but in the bedroom where she has center stage.  And is high up away from boys who like to chew on sluggy girls!


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