Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 16

Here's a sneak peek at what's in this issue.

Ahh...that final Wednesday of the month. Those last few days seem so trying to me sometimes. I am ready to start clean, fresh, get something new on the needles. I like the idea of a clean slate, a do over of sorts. It is especially helpful when I have had a very unproductive month or two and I feel like I have a golden opportunity to make up for it.

I spent most of the month, as you well know, working on the Jersey Project.  Actually except for a few hours, I spent all my knitting time on those damn jerseys!  But I am finally caught up and if I can reign in my focus, I can stay that way. It is hard to believe that I am at the half way point when January seemed like it was just a few weeks ago. 

To end May off in fashion and start June off with a bit of a head start, I cast on a new Hitchhiker...

If you remember, I had started one way back in April when the Stanley Cup Playoffs were just beginning and my beloved Penguins were still in the game.  Well, like the way of my dear Penguins, it just wasn't meant to be.  I am quite positive that the yarn I was using is cursed.  I can't imagine what else it could be.  That yarn just doesn't want to become anything!

But I loved the pattern and I just knew that I could find some yarn in my stash that would work.  A little word to the wise, variegated good, self-striping bad.  The pattern is easy and there is always a good "stopping" point after just eight rows.  That means that if I have had a harrowing day and all I want to do is stare mindlessly at old reruns of Yes Dear & Friends, but still feel the need to get in a little fibery bonding, I only have to commit to eight rows.  Eight rows of garter stitch!  I can do that.  Here is just a couple of repeats.  I am using Knit Picks Stroll in Make Believe.  I rescued this from a KAL that happened way back in September.  I had dropped some stitches, had misplaced yarn overs and so it was better to just frog it and send it on its way to its destiny. 

"A little each day"
That is my new motto.  For everything!  A little reading, a little knitting, a little fun, and a LOT of love!

I have also been working my way through a reading frenzy.  Pretty much every year I get this incredible drive where all I do is want to read.  Summer is the perfect time for that, as there is rarely anything worth watching and a book is just the answer.  I turn on something like a baseball game (doesn't matter who is playing, I don't watch it, it simply provides that background noise I need) and prop up my Nook and get down to business.

As I may have mentioned I was sucked in by all the hype and had to read Fifty Shades of Grey.  And if you have read it, you know that you really can't stop at the end of book one because that is no way to end a book, so off I went to get the remaining two books and now I am well into book two, Fifty Shades Darker.

I am not usually a reader of romance books, but I have been known to "crack the spine" of a couple and while the writing is less than what I usually go for, the story has proven to be quite intriguing.  I am fully invested in these characters and can't wait to see where the end up.  I would expect to see a photo of Fifty Shades Freed next week.

I can't remember if I mentioned in any of my writings, I am quite sure I didn't, but...I have been bitten by the writing bug.  He bit me hard and while I have been jotting down notes here and there, this past week I got a jump on some scenes and it was pretty thrilling for me to dust off the keyboard and get started again.  Of course I don't have a plot, but I have two characters.  Unfortunately only one has a name so I have to enlist the help of a few apps and this book...

Which I have changed to...

I can't find a name for this one person, so tonight I am going to settle in with a lovely beverage, which may or may not be alcoholic, and find a damn name!

With any luck next week I will have more of the Hitchhiker done and possibly will have another something or other on the needles.  Just not the US 4 tips as I am using those for HH.

I hope you all have a lovely end of May and a joyous jump into June!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HSC: Week 3

Now that you’ve sized up the yarn in your stash and the people on your gift list, what types of projects do you plan to make? Are you making the same type of (or the same exact) project for multiple people, or does everyone get something unique? Do you have lofty project goals for everyone on your list, or do you make small gifts with love? Tell us more about your project ideas!
Oh, I always have loft goals.  I always imagine making every woman on my list a magnificent shawl, when I have yet to make one at all. 

This year I am trying to keep it simple.  Because sometimes simple is special. 

For the hard-to-figure-out girl/woman, I like to make fingerless gloves.  I did this a couple of years ago for a dear friend and they were very well received.  And they were FAST!  Who doesn't love a fast knit that turns out so beautiful?

For those who can't be named (sister & mom) I plan on making...well something, I have only figured out what Sister might get (might because it is another lofty goal!) and Mom will be happy with just about anything!

I plan on making an aunt a knitted bear because she likes bears.  It is funny because the pattern I picked out, I started gathering the supplies for and then read the pattern and now she might be getting a dishcloth!  I have never done joints and I don't even have a store nearby that sells joints!  So it might be back to the drawing board on that, unless my inner superwoman breaks free and says, "You Can Do It" or maybe that is my inner Rob Schneider.

First on my list of gifts is some baby items for a friend due in September.  So I am busy trying to find patterns befit a baby boy.  So many adorable little girl things in my queue, but of course dear friend has to be difficult and produce a boy!

I hope that as the days turn into weeks I am struck with some sort of sign that says, "Make This for This Person and Make That for That Person".  A girl can dream.

Don't forget to check out Underground Crafter for all the other HSC entries.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Jersey Project: Update 1

Project Updates: Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Dallas
Craft: Knit
Begin Date: May 11, 2012
Completion Date: May 28, 2012
Materials: Knit Picks Palette (White, Serrano, Ivy, Camel Heather, Currant, Blue, Black, Silver), US 2 needles
Pattern Source: Mini Sweater

I thought that instead of doing four individual posts and since the "project" isn't quite finished (half way though!) I would start a new little post "Jersey Project".  It took me all of three minutes to make the header graphic.  Yeah, it sucks, but for an impatient girl, three minutes is a sweet deal.  And in case you are wondering, that is indeed the Pittsburgh Penguins alternate jersey template (the old one).  It was the first one I saw that didn't make me want to hurl.

So, I was busy with nothing but jerseys during May.  Seriously, nothing but jerseys.  Except for that two evening slug knitting, I did nothing but knit with US 2's, Palette and a rising distaste for many NHL teams. With the exception of Phoenix and Washington (which I posted earlier), none of these teams made the playoffs. 

Let's see some pictures shall we...

First up, the Minnesota Wild or the Christmas Tree jersey.  Seriously I hate the red and green combo.  It is even worse if you are watching a home game as they always wear green breezers with their red jerseys and it is just not right.  New Jersey did that back in the day and it just doesn't work. 

Next up is Tampa Bay Lightening.  I don't really like how this turned out.  I don't like the blue but then I don't like the Lightening's new jerseys.  If I ever feel like torturing myself, I will knit up a new one in black with silver accents. But for now, it is going down and D-O-N-E, done!

Now Phoenix.  I would have loved to use the same yarn as the Wild jersey.  Even though in the photo above it looks bright red, that is my flash, it is more brick red, which would have been great for Phoenix, but the new balls of Serrano are really bright, which maybe leaves me to believe that I used a different red, but not sure which one.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to keep the ball bands with Palette?  So I used Current because Lipstick was too pink.  I love the Current and I originally got it to go with the Avalanche jersey.  I still like the jersey a lot.

And then I started thinking that I am going to have a lot of dark jerseys on the tree so since I still hadn't gone over the half-way mark, have decided that there is a lot more white in my future as I try to balance out the home and away ratio.  The first white jersey went to Washington and next up is the Dallas Stars.  Also I didn't really want to knit an all black jersey again.

I really like it.  The "away" jersey could become my new favorite. 

So I am now officially all caught up with just a few days left in May.  It feels great, and I am just hoping that I can stay on track and get this done. 

The Dallas jersey officially marks the HALF-WAY point.  That is jersey number 15 and it feels awesome.  I have no idea what jersey is up next.  I will be drawing on Thursday for that.  Fingers crossed it is NOT LA.  Sorry Kings, I think you were handed your Finals berth.  Especially that questionable win in game 5!

Happy Memorial Day.  I hope you spent your weekend with the people you love and had nothing but a great time making memories.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 15

Hey, I'm early this week!  That doesn't mean I have really anything to show for it.  One little itty bitty picture of knitting.  That is all.  But I am making up for it with two hot guys and one hot book.

But first, the knitting...

...Another effing jersey.  Seriously that is all I have done this month is jerseys.  I am sick of them.  But I keep doing them because I want to have one banging tree this year.  I want to make all those other hockey loving knitting chicks to be completely jealous of my tree!  Yes, I am that girl. 

And that is as far as I have gotten on it.  There is some hope for tonight as I plan on watching a movie and well you can't do anything but knit during a movie right? 

In all fairness to myself, I did complete TWO of them last week.  This was supposed to be done on Sunday, but well it didn't even get started until late Sunday afternoon and the hour that The Killing is on is reserved for much needed and deserved foot massages.  And the last two nights...

...I was reading this

I'd heard a lot about it.  I had seen references and speculation that they are making a movie (maybe in Silicon Valley!) and I didn't want to miss the boat like I did on The Hunger Games.  And I got it for free so.  I did read that the writing is a little less than bad, but that if you made it through the first quarter of the book, it didn't much matter how bad the writing was because the imagination more than made up for it.  So how could I pass this up?  Did I mention I got it for free? (actually got all three of them for free in epub format...bonus!).  So I made it through pretty much the first 20% last night, only 5% to go.  Hit that today and well I have a new found respect for vanilla. 

One of my main bitches with the book is that I have no idea what this guy looks like!  I can't put a face on him and that is unacceptable.  I could care less what she looks like, but I would love to know what/who he looks like.

If you have read it or heard some of the hype, you might know why this took priority over knitting the last two nights!

And as I promised two hot men...

We will start with Jason O'Mara.  I watched One For the Money on Sunday and the only reason I watched the entire movie is because there were shirtless scenes with Mr. O'Mara and I didn't want to miss that.  He is yummy.  I miss Life on Mars just because he was nice to look at (the show was sucky, but so are a lot of shows that are still on air).  I missed out on Terra Nova because I just don't do dinosaurs and lost islands.  I could do a lost island with him and me though.  Just saying.

And then today there was this picture over on TV Line and well I just got all flustered.

This man is still so freaking hot!  That is Jason Gedrick in case some of you are too young to remember Iron Eagle or Backdraft (both of which I have seen well over 100 times of course I was in love with William Baldwin in Backdraft, but that is a story for another time).  So, he is headed over to Dexter this next season.  And I don't watch Dexter for several reasons.  But I could be persuaded to tune in just to see him.  Bonus if he will be shirtless!  I think it is the dark hair, dark eyes, five o'clock stubble, smirk, ruggedness and the fact that I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  But yummy!  Or if you are a Rachel Ray person, YUMMO!

If you are looking for a really good book or series of books to read, check out John Sandford's Prey novels.  I started last June or July at the beginning and never regretted it for a minute (don't ask how much I spent on ebooks (but it was all worth it)).  I just finished the latest release, Stolen Prey and it was so good!  I think Lucas in his younger days could have given Christian Grey a run for his money!

Holiday Stash Down Challenge: Week 2

Let’s take a stroll through our yarn stash, to see if there are any suitable yarns in there for gift-giving. Don’t worry about matching these up to projects or people yet. Are there yarns you like enough to work with but are willing to part with as gift projects? If you don’t have a large (or suitable) stash, where do you think you will be doing your yarn shopping? Tell us all about the glorious yarns!

I didn't do my homework.  I don't have any photos to show you but I do have an answer of sorts to the prompt.

I have more than enough yarn to knit gifts for the next several years.  I have enough cotton to actually supply about 100 households with dishcloths for at least six months.  Yes, I have a lot of cotton. 

I have enough sock yarn to keep an average child in socks for two or three years.  I may be off on that since I do not know how hard the average child is on socks, nor how much yarn is needed for a pair of children's socks.  I don't knit socks.  I like buying the pretty colors though.  To put it another way, I could have an entire league of hockey playing monsters with sock or fingering weight yarn alone.

There is some sport/dk weight that just sort of sits there.  I never know quite what to make with it.  I can't even remember why I purchased most of it. 

See there was a time when I just purchased yarn to purchase it.  I didn't always have a project in mind.  I just liked it so I bought it and sometimes I didn't buy enough and sometimes I bought more than enough.  You just never know what you need when you don't know what you are going to knit.

There is some Cotton Ease.  I love that yarn.  I have a lot of it.  I don't know what to make out of it.  I had an idea for a blanket, a wrap, a bag, baby stuff...but it sits there.  I finally used some for some cloths and they felt great and had nice drape, but I don't really know how useful they are since I sent them off to various swap partners.

I have some misguided acrylic that I bought when I had to be in a drunken stupor.  Except that I don't drink much and if I were to be drunk, I doubt the craft store would be open.  Still it sits there mocking me.

I have yarn in all sorts of hidey spots.  Ottoman, drawers, bags, bins, if it closes and I am trying to clean up yarn, it will go in. 

Point of the story is that I should have no problem knitting from stash.  If I can do it, I hope to not purchase yarn for the remainder of the year.  But, Knit Picks just came out with new colors, those bastards.  I have had my catalog for a couple of weeks and have had the hardest time not tearing into it.  It is like a 13 year old boy trying to not break the black plastic on a Playboy.  It is hard!  But I am remaining strong.

It would have to be something pretty special for someone really pretty special for me to go buy yarn at this point.  I am trying to get my budget under control and fifty dollars here and there (because you have to get the free shipping) does not help!

So, there you have it.  Now visit Underground Crafter for the Holiday Stashdown Challenge and see what everyone else is up to!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snapshot Sunday: Volume 1 Issue 9

Every Sunday I head into the office with the intention of posting my Sunday post early in the day (or earlier than 8:27 p.m.!) and every Sunday I end up checking email and a few sites (facebook,, Celebrity Baby Blog) and then I leave without posting.  Every single Sunday!  I have mentioned before that I have been diagnosed with a severe case of procrationationitis and it seems to be getting worse not better.  Damn treatment fail!

What would you say if I told you that all my SS pictures were from this weekend and one was stolen from the internet?  Is that cheating?  Because if it is, well then I either fail or you are all willing to look the other way.

The weekend started Friday night with dinner at one of the best restaurants in town.  I don't have any photos, but I highly doubt you wanted to see three women scarf down a delicious meal in a low lit restaurant anyway. 

Saturday I was not up bright and early.  I slept in and was finally awoken by Cooper jumping on my bed and then with one look of me, took off running down the hall.  It was apparently not a pretty site.  So I reluctantly got up and got the day started.  Sorry I don't have photos of Wal-Mart but I am sure you can all imagine what it is like. 

After a couple of other stops we headed up to the Mountain Con to check out the new park area that opened.  A little back story, Butte is rich with mining history (especially underground) and Arco has slowly been remediating land and turning it back over to the city and they have put in this tremendous walking trail and in cooperation with the city have been turning old mine yards into park/memorial sites.  I am so in love with Granite Mountain that I could not wait to go see the new site and so up Main street we went and came upon the Mountain Con mine

This is the headframe in all it's beautiful glory.  You can't tell from my photo (because I am awesome like that) but it is fenced off so that you can't actually go in.  Because let me tell you some numb nut would climb to the top and fall off and that would be really messy and probably ruin the serene vibe of the park area.

We went for a little walk and came upon a "point of interest" (of which I do not have a photo of the informational plaque).  I took this photo of the stunning view...

I love headframes so I am always taking pictures of them.  And this was not with my good camera.  This was my phone camera (which is pretty darn nice).  And I am not sure what headframes those are.  I am pretty sure one is the Steward and the other is...not sure.

And this is a view from the beginning of the trail of the city.  I wish I could have captured all of it.  The feeling and the beauty of the mountains because it felt amazing and at that moment I could not imagine not living around all of that. 

After that the weekend was just a weekend.  You know, a trip to Dairy Queen (or two).  Really there were two trips to DQ this weekend, not in the same day, but...just saying. 

I watched One for the Money and I kept expecting it to get better and well it didn't.  I think I was disturbed by Katherine Heigl trying to pull off some sort of Jersey accent and it was not working for me.  I will not lie I am pretty sure I kept watching because of Jason O'Mara. 

Would you have turned that off?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

Saturday night Oxygen was running a Glee marathon of sorts.  After a couple of episodes and a lot of confusion (because they were not in order) I stumbled upon the fact that it was a Glee Project Winner Marathon.  Yeah I was totally confused how it went from Quinn walking to Quinn in a wheelchair!  And one thing I realized is that as dorky as Blaine is, Darren Criss is hot!

And then I did some Googling and oogling and stumbled upon his date of birth.  I will just leave it there because I felt a little dirty at that point.

Today there was some sad news Robin Gibb passed away.  It is so sad.  My most favorite album in the entire world and of all time is Saturday Night Fever.  Seriously if that was the only thing I could listen to for now until the end, I would be so happy.  I LOVE it.  So the passing of another Gibb brother is just sad.  Very sad.  And then I found this in my photo folder and well it is just so freaking cool...

The Bee Gees...knitted!  Oh my god I need to find this pattern.  Like really need to find it.  Chest hair?  Full beards?  White suits?  Yes please!  I need this like really need it.  So if you know where it is, please let me know.  I must have these.  MUST HAVE.

Oh and finally I voted.  It was time.  I got my ballot a week or so ago and decided that I just needed to get it done. 

I predict problems for the Clerk & Recorder when it comes to absentee ballots because I read the instructions, three times and then had someone else read them and while I know that I only vote one party, I know that some people are not going to have a clue and will vote both and will wonder why they have an "unvoted ballot" enveloped.  Because nowhere on the instruction sheet does it say to ONLY VOTE ONE PARTY BALLOT.  Yeah, first primary election for this Clerk & Recorder and she effs it big time on the absentee instructions.  In any event I took my trusty number two pencil to work and did my constitutional right and made my voice heard.

Sorry Mitt & were the weakest links.

There is something that is so awesome voting absentee.  The ability to Google candidates I have never even heard of!  I was able to make truly informed decisions instead of just guessing.  And yes we have one of the latest primaries.  June!  June is our primary.  I remember thinking it was odd that there were debates in February while I was watching hockey and then I realized that we are so behind in everything!

And that was my week.  Oh wait...a new guest showed up on Saturday, Estrella

I need to find some sort of adventure that is worthy of a princess.  I think I am totally screwed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 14

It's still Wednesday, so I didn't miss it!  By my clock, I still have three hours and fifty nine minutes!

I am completely off on my days.  I thought today was Thursday pretty much all day.  So I imagine tomorrow will be long and horrible. 

I don't really have much of anything to share this week.  I have not really worked on anything other than jerseys since the Slug.  I feel like I have been working on nothing but jerseys this entire month.  Probably because I have!  I have two FPs, one jersey and one quick maybe four hour slug.  If I don't start working on something else soon, I am going to break every needle I own and if I can't break the metal ones, I will melt them down and fashion spears out of them!  And yes I do realize that I control what I knit.  What I don't control is the part of my brain that puts all kinds of pressure on the rest of me!

Okay, enough pity party...on to photos (a whopping two today)

First we have...

...what else but jersey bits. 

And next we have what I have been working on almost all evening...

...the new John Sandford book!  It finally released yesterday.  I have had it on pre-order for a month and I finally got to download it yesterday morning.  I LOVE John Sandford's books. 

And that is what I have.  I swear if I don't have something different for next week I will just shut this blog down!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Holiday Stashdown Challenge: Week 1

Underground Crafter

Underground Crafter is doing a 2012 Holiday Stashdown Challenge and I have decided to get in on some of that!  The idea is to start knitting/crocheting sooner rather than later and from as much stash as possible for holiday gift giving (or gift giving in general). 

Each Tuesday there is a prompt to sort of get the juices flowing and so let's just jump right into week one's prompt.

The prompt for Tuesday, May 15: How do you decide who is crochet- or knit-worthy? Do you make gifts for all the important people in your life, or are you selective about who receives your handmade creations? Draft up the list of who you will be making gifts for this year and when you plan to give or ship the gifts. (Even if you can’t share the details of the list, let us know how many people are on it; if the recipients include friends, family, classmates, co-workers; when you need to have the gifts finished, etc.)

There was a time when I first started knitting that I thought everyone I knew would love something hand knit.  As time has gone on, I have realized that not everyone I know is knitworthy.  Don't get me wrong, nobody has ever said "Um...gee thanks".  I think everyone was appreciative, I just don't know that in the end it was worth my time to make them something.  As a slow knitter, it takes a considerable amount of time to make something (some things don't take as long as others but...).  So you want to make sure that the person receiving the gift will really appreciate it and get some use out of it or give it the love it wants.

I find that for that hard to figure out person, I like to make up a nice set of dishcloths because everyone can use them.  They seem to be much appreciated.  That is what I did a few years ago, I made dishcloth baskets for some friends and family.  Cowls are nice because they are usually quick and make lovely gifts for women.  For the men I have made hats and it is a crap shoot every time. 

I have widdled my list down to just a few that I put the thought and time into knitting for.  So here is my list and it may or may not be all inclusive.

  1. Mom - of course Mom loves everything that is made for her.  She is most appreciative out of anyone and it is such a big deal to me to have her really love something I made.
  2. Sister - she is a tough one to make things for because she is SuperCraftWoman.  Seriously she makes stuff in her sleep she is so crafty.  It is always a challenge to find something that I can do that she hasn't already done herself.  I have fallen the last few holidays/birthdays and not made anything, but this year I have a plan!
  3. Aunts - these are two difficult women to shop and craft for.  It is hard to figure out what to make, but they seem to appreciate whatever they get.  This year I plan a bear for one and I have no idea for the other (she might just get a retail gift).
  4. Nephews - in years past they have been easier to knit for because they were young and liked toys and I love to knit toys, but they are getting older and are into things like Legos and I really can't knit Legos. 
  5. Friends - I have only a couple that I get gifts for and this year I am at a loss.  Last year I knit a baby sweater for one who had a little boy and this year another is due in September with another boy!  I have to put on my thinking cap.
And that is pretty much my list.  I don't have a lot of gift giving to do as the family is small and the friends list even smaller.

Right now I am trying to catch up on a few projects and hope to really get my giddy up and go in June!

Remember to check out Underground Crafter for all the other participants.

Monday, May 14, 2012

FP: Sabrina Slugger

Name: Sabrina Slugger
Pattern: Garden Slug
Craft: Knitting
Made For: Mom - Mother's Day
Needles: US 5
Yarn: Lily Sugar & Cream - Swimming Pool; White; Hot Pink
Started: 5/8/12
Completed: 5/9/12

I usually do a garden theme for Mother's Day and this year was no exception.  I did need a little surprise and about a month ago my mom became a big fan of slugs.  Well maybe just one slug, a little Star Wars slug that my little nephew gave her before he left from their visit.  I decided that she needed another slug to add to her collection and thus, Sabrina Slugger moved in.

I used both KFB increases and the increases called for in the pattern.  I was on deadline and had trouble in those first few tight rounds lifting and knitting, so to save my sanity I did the KFB.  She turned out just cute as can be!  Even with one eye a little larger, nature is never perfect.  I chose to give her smaller lips and cast on fourteen stitches.  She has the perfect pucker.

At first I thought that this was going to be a tough knit, maybe that was because I had to start three different times because I could not for the life of me get the first i-cord row!  It was a hot mess on a hot day.  But once I got going, the going got good and it was smooth sailing.  I love that there was an itty bitty seam to close that was no problem at all.

Sabrina is happily resting in her new home, not the garden, but in the bedroom where she has center stage.  And is high up away from boys who like to chew on sluggy girls!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Snapshot Sunday: Volume 1 Issue 8

I wish I could say "I can't believe it is already time for Snapshot Sunday", but the truth is, I can believe it is time.  Time is just flying by, which when you reach a certain age you wish it would slow down a bit.  Unfortunately I can't remember what age that is!

The weekend has been very delightful and I hope and pray that delightfulness carries on through the work week.  Hey, we can all dream!

The week started out with some excitement...

My primary ballot came in the mail.  Yes to two things, first we have a LATE primary (June) and second I vote absentee.  There is something about sitting in your pajamas with your hair up and casting votes about the future of government.  I like to do it BEFORE showering.  The one thing that I cannot stand about an election year is all the advertisements.  I don't mind so much seeing the various banners and yard signs posted on every street corner (no election signs on our street, which just says that we are a quiet bunch that keeps to themselves), but I cannot stand the television smear campaigns.  They are disgusting and I just mute them or turn the channel.  If it is DVR, no problem, I fast forward through ALL commercials.  But, yes it is nice to vote absentee for other reasons.  If I have a question about a candidate, I can pop online to check out where they stand or who they are.  And since our city changed the polling places from several community places to one single location, I just can't do it.  I cannot go stand in line and wait to vote.  Also I miss going to the little school gym and voting, there was just something about it I adored.  The only other thing that sucks about election year is that our company doesn't recognize election day as a holiday and I have to work!  That is one thing about working for the State I miss, all the November holidays!

I have had a set of twins since late last week and let me tell you, twins are A LOT to handle.  Here are some out takes from the week.

That's Vinnie & Val and they are all full of fun and crazy!  I mean really, who rides a lizard?

Most of the week was just work and who cares about that?  Yesterday was a full day of on the go craziness.  We started the day at Wagner's Nursery (we won't be going back as they were unaccommodating for the second year in a row) and I was able to snap off some beautiful scenery shots.  This was a quick shot with my phone from my car window.  I can't believe it turned out exactly as I had hoped it would (but didn't expect)

That is the East Ridge (as we locals call it) and it is along the Continental Divide.  That train trestle is hidden in there and when you come upon it it is just stunning and a little mysterious.  I honestly don't understand why people would not want to live near the mountains.  I would miss them terribly.  Eastern Montanans are so missing out on Montana's beauty.

After a day of shopping and lunching and running all around, we finally ended up at The Berkley Pit (an adventure for the twins) and I was able to snap some shots with my good camera.  The "Pit" as we call it, is an open mining hole that was abandoned by the Anaconda Company back in the early 1980s.  It had been closed off for years and then was turned into a tourist attraction.  Butte has a very rich mining history, mostly underground, but they did and still do above ground mining.  The Pit has been filling with water since its abandonment and this is what it looks like today.

I don't have an exact depth.  But it is a lot.  I was shocked at how high the water line is.  There has been continual testing of the highly toxic water and a few years ago there was an organism that was found living in it.  And so far there have been no alien babies reported, but we continue to wait and see what will happen.  I have not heard of any plans of late on how to handle the situation, but when and if it ever does reach its peak, it is going to take out the operating mine, oh and my house!  It is still an amazing thing to see.

And here is a snap shot of what made Butte back in the hey day...

A headframe.  Forgive me, I don't know which mines are represented in this photo.  I absolutely love the headframes and love to look out on summer nights as the sun is setting and see the skyline dotted with them.  The Belmont is close to my office, I drive past it every day.  There is an opportunity to go into one of the old underground mines, but I am so claustrophobic that the thought of it sends chills throughout my body.  I am just fine not experiencing that. 

Ooh and here is a snap shot of the wool I plan on using for my ***** ********* that I hope to start in June!

And that is what I have for you this week.  I have to remember to take that camera out every day and capture something. 

The twins will be heading out on Tuesday and then a new little monster will be arriving by week's end so there are a lot of adventures planned.  I am hoping to maybe take a drive to the lake, but it all just depends on how the week turns out to see how the weekend will be.  And we are always at the mercy of the weather!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life.  I love each and every one so very much.  And Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there no matter if your child is two-legged or four-legged, you make a difference in their lives!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

FP: Washington Capitals

Finished Project: Washington Capitals Jersey
Craft: Knit
Begin Date: April 30, 2012
Completion Date: May 6, 2012
Materials: Knit Picks Palette (White, Serrano, Navy), US 2 needles
Pattern Source: Mini Sweater

I took my sweet ass time getitng this one done. I hope that by posting it tonight it does not jinx the game seven that is currently in progress (Go Rangers!) 

And yes, this is number two for April!  I am still behind!  Which is why I should be parked in front of game seven with needles in hand instead of in front of this computer posting this!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 13

Well I haven't made much progress on really anything.  I did finish a project though, so, yay!  I will have another post this week.  That is always fun isn't it?!?

Let's get started on what I have worked on in the past week

 I got a few more rows done on the sock remnant scarf.  I refer to it as Koigu since that is the yarn I am using.  I must say that I am sort of in love with the colors.  And by sort of, I mean REALLY in love with them.  I did some math because that is what I do and I came to the conclusion that I am going to need to knit somewhere between 575 & 600 rows to get the length I really want.  What that means is one of two things: One, it is going to be a ten year project or; Two, it is going to be much shorter than I really desire.  Just saying.

And now on to an unplanned, last minute, need to get it done in a hurry project.

Nope, it's not a pee pee teepee, it's a slug.  It's a beautiful slug, but a slug nonetheless.  Or at least the ass end of a slug.  I expected to have much more completed but I just HAD to watch the end of the Devils/flyers game and then I ended up watching The Voice finale.  And, yes I could have worked on it during both of those events, but I didn't really feel like getting up and going to get my knitting when it was so much easier to just doink around online on my lazy ass.

I am a little worried about what I will have to show for next week, as I fully intended on having more than this to show for this week.  It is a mystery and it all depends on how I feel and what kind of motivation and energy I have.  Unfortunately I have not found a way to control any of that short of doing meth, and I really don't want to take up meth just so you all have something to look at each Wednesday.  Also, I don't think I have room in the budget for a meth habit.

Happy Mid-Work Week to all of you.  No matter if you work in the home or out of the home I hope you all enjoy.  If this is your "Monday", well then that just means you had a weekend, so...