WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 11

I sort of thought I would have more things in progress, but alas only a few items today.

First up we have another mitered square

This was done over the course of a few days because I could only seem to concentrate for a couple of rows at a time.  This is number three.

And here are all three together...

Next we have a project that I did not cast on!  My sister urged me to start my linen scarf and I balked at the idea of casting on 451 stitches!  Holy crap that is a lot of stitches!  So she said she would do it and while I told her it wasn't necessary she did.  And she got to that point that I was afraid I would get to, some 400 stitches and had to rip it out because she did not have enough tail!  Crazy girl!

It's really hard to see that pattern or colors other than that bright ass pink!  I am using Koigu in variegated colors.  She casted on with a bubble gum pink Koigu I have had for years (I am not a big pink fan, I was gifted two skeins of it in a swap and I pretty much still have two skeins!)  It takes a long time to knit and slip one row and then purl and slip another.  A LONG TIME!

These are not knitting projects per se, but they are knitting related.  Project bags!  And while they look completed, they are not.  I still have to darn the lining fabric at the turn opening.  The one on the left is flannel from Joann's and the one on the right is my Bad Ass Penguins bag.  It has a skull fabric contrast bottom, a gold patterned main fabric and a black and gray lining fabric, all closed up with some skull ribbon.  LOVE IT.  I was able to complete these under the expert tutelage of my sister, an expert quilter and all around master crafter.

The next little item replaces a frogged item.  I tore out the Molly Bubble Romper in favor of this...

...a simple baby tunic using some bright Cascade 220 superwash and some Cascade 220 handpaints.  Can't wait to work on it some more.

And finally...

there is a KAL/CAL going on over on a ravelry group and I was going to get started back on the 1st of April, but somewhere my ability to focus took a leave of absence and so I just casted on last night.  Love this cotton colorway. 

Next week I am waiting patiently for as I will get to premiere a new project.  If you read yesterday's post, you will know that I am casting on my 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Project tonight during the Penguins/flyers game.  I am so So SO very excited to get started!!!!!!!  And so very excited to start knitting the project too!

Sorry no links today, I am in a bit of a rush and on a computer that lacks speed!


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