Snapshot Sunday: Volume 1 Issue 6

I didn't intend on taking last week off but it was just not happening.  The last week has been what I am referring to as "The Week of Crap".  I felt like it most of the week, thus not feeling like Interneting!

But I did manage to take a few photos...

Monday was the big Bonjour for Teague.  He set off for his adventure, his first stop being Colorado.

Here he is all ready to go with his journal.  He made it to Colorado on Wednesday and seemed to enjoy the snack they set out for him.  I haven't heard any more, so I am just praying that his is being Teague the Terrific and not Teague the Terrible!

On Tuesday I had one of these...

On Wednesday I was feeling a bit spunky and decided to do something I never EVER do...

...that right there is a picture of your very own LdyPngn!  I loaded up on the Penguin jewelery as well and what do you know, the Penguins won Game 4!

On Thursday I was feeling meh and in need of breakfast...

...caffeine and a cookie wafer treat.  Covers most of the adult breakfast criteria.

On Friday, my little guest arrived, Miss Blossom and she is totally into flowers, so I hooked her up with the Ultimate Flower...Marc Andre Fleury aka Flower

This photo was taken after the win.  They stayed up partying just a bit too much and it showed when today Blossom was ready with these

when the Penguins were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Right now she is relaxing as we have a big work week ahead of us.  She has promised to be a good monster, so she is coming to work with me and hopefully she can get some of that filing done!

And that is about all I have for this week.  Hopefully there is not a sequel to "The Week of Crap".  Because as we all know, the sequels are always worse than the original!


Heather said…
Teague and Miss Blossom are both adorable. Hope that having them nearby, or at least MB nearby help your feel better.

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