The One With The Hodgepodge

Today’s surprise entry is a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff. I Googled hodgepodge and the images were quite interesting, but I didn’t really find one that fit the theme(s) of this entry.

As you know from my Snapshot Sunday post, I spent a good chunk of Saturday building my office suite and then I spent most of Sunday working on office work. Sunday also marked the birth of the Stanley Cup Playoff schedules and a few threads over on Ravelry. I started thinking late on Sunday about attempting yet another Playoff Project. I don’t know that I detailed last year’s attempt, so here is a run down.

In late March of last year, I stumbled upon an Etsy & Ravelry user who dyes sock yarn in hockey team colors. Well holy cracker jacks Batman! I needed some of that. I started taking input on what pattern to use so that I could make sure I ordered the right amount. I sort of settled on the Clapotis and thus ordered not two, but three balls of this miraculous discovery. A little side note: I always order more than I need! Always! It is some sort of unidentified illness. Well I was super excited and could not wait to get started. Only the yarn didn’t come in a week and it didn’t come in two weeks and it didn’t come by the time the Playoffs started. After some passive-aggressive inquiry my yarn was shipped and I spent an entire game winding one ball! Seriously the tangled mess I had was ridiculous. Finally I was able to start on the Clapotis and not far into it I discovered that I did not like how it was looking, I hated the edges and well I just gave up and frogged it. Then I started two other shawls with it and frogged them too. I was dejected. For a year now this yarn has sat mocking me, begging me to create something with it. A few months ago, I started some arm warmers and basically wanted to stab myself instead of knitting on size US 2 needles in the round for over twelve inches. I just couldn’t do it. I frogged those as well.

Now here we are and the Playoffs start on Wednesday so I had to decide if I was going to do a project and if so, what project to do. I had a lot of options. Way more than I needed. I started to bracket the choices. After all, it is a Playoff Project, so what better way to decide the winner.

Once I had the winner, I had to get the gear ready. I purchased the pattern, got the yarn all bundled up and searched in earnest for my size US 4 Harmony tips. I cannot find them! The freaking horror that ensued. I searched every where, I just cannot find those tips. Normally I would just go and order another set, but I have a habit of wanting to get free shipping and I really cannot justify a $50+ Knit Picks order right now…or in the next 20 years. So today I had to sit down and come up with some options. I could use a US 2 (what the pattern calls for) or a US 3 or I could use my nickel Options US 4 tips. Since I couldn’t decide which would be the right thing to do, even though knowing what I wanted to do, I did something that is totally me. I took a random sampling of Hitchhiker projects and averaged out the needle size used. First, let me tell you that probably nothing pisses me off more than people not filling out the information on Ravelry project pages. How hard is it to put in the needle size? GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

It just so happened that with my random sampling the average needle size came out to be 3.8 so a 4 needle. That is just what I wanted. I may or may not have randomly thrown out some size 2 numbers. So, it is settled I will hunt for the Harmony but will plan to use the Options.

Yes, I am that much of a dork!

Another thing that I wanted to throw out at you all is the new ABC show Missing, starring Ashley Judd. I adore her. I just do. During last week’s “Visit” my sister and I took a little day trip and she was telling me about the pilot, which I had downloaded for free from iTunes. Well I quickly decided I wanted to watch it and so I downloaded all the episodes I missed through last week. I spent a little time printing checks and stapling stubs this morning and got through the first two episodes and I am hooked. It does not hurt that this man…

…Cliff Curtis is a regular. Nor does it hurt that this,, Italian Adriano Giannini is in it either. Seriously both me could be on my Top 5 list. Yum!

Another show that I am watching is the Killing. It gets more involved every episode. Always a new twist or a new person of interest. I am about two episodes away from setting up my own, Detective White Board to keep track of everyone! This is no “CSI One Hour We Solve it or You Don’t Pay” show! There is no Horatio Caine with all the answers and rhetorical questions. This is the real deal and it’s not James Neal!

Speaking of Horatio Caine, I watched the final or what I am hoping will be final episode of CSI Miami on Sunday. I watched it simply because it could be the last, if the gods love me, and I had to see how it ended. Everything was all sunshine and roses. It was quite disappointing.

Also related, last night I was watching an old TJ Hooker rerun and tweeting it as I did. I equated Hooker to Horatio in that he always had that go do line and was pretty direct. Horatio’s sunglasses are Hooker’s car slides. It was quite interesting and I am fairly certain that I lost some followers because of it. Eh…people don’t understand true 80s simple television series. There were no complicated matters that could not be solved in one hour. Heck, the Huxtables solved their problems in 30 minutes! Sure the writer’s of today have more meat and more leeway in what they can put on the air, but there was some magic happening in the writer rooms of yesterday. Imagine if fan fiction had been around all those years ago. I might have become a real writer!

Well that is what I have. I now realize that I need to start prepping tomorrow’s post by taking some photos and figuring out all the things I have going on! Yikes!


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