The Half-Assed FP Post

It is already April 30th and I missed another Snapshot Sunday.  In my defense, I didn't really have too many snapshots.  Kind of a slow week for me. 

I thought I best get over here and share two projects that I did finish this month.  There were only three and one was just a dishcloth.  I'm foregoing my usual format because I am rushed lazy and I really just want to start May off fresh!  I promise to try and stay focused and committed.  Or rather, I will try to stay uncommitted (as in not being committed to some sort of rehab program for procrastinators).

First up we have another jersey.  Sadly I only completed one this month, which is a huge disappointment for me.  But, I did get the St. Louis Blues done.  It is sort of an "alternative" jersey in that I grabbed the wrong colors and could not find another team that fit these colors, so after much research decided that they were pretty spot on for St. Louis' third or alternative jersey.

Happy accidents, you take the best of them.

The other project I managed to start and finish this month is a cute little baby dress/top.  I think it is just adorable.  I used Cascade 220 Superwash and Cascade 220 Superwash Paints.  I was not going to buy more yarn for another project, but when I saw these two colors, I knew they would be perfect for a little girl.  And I was right!  They worked up beautifully, even if there was some pattern troubles.

The pattern doesn't call for the ribbon, but I thought it would be adorable.  I was going to do orange, but when I found the little sunburst buttons, I knew it had to be a golden yellow.  Forgive my horrible bow tying skills.  I will check my girl card at the gate. 

So the pattern troubles...ugh.  The pattern was originally written to be done in two pieces and flat.  Well I don't do seaming if I don't have to, so I opted for the in-the-round version.  Calling it a version is a stretch as it really tells you to cast on X number of stitches and then follow the flat instructions.  Basically you are screwed when it comes to having the correct stitch count if you follow the instructions as written.  There was a lot of fudging and makie dos.  I will do this again, but I will sit down and come up with a more complete instruction set. 

You can get all the fun details over on my Ravelry Projects Page.


Heather said…
Love your little hockey jerseys. I would never know whether you have the perfect colours or not. The girlie dress is so cute, and yes, the yellow ribbon works.

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