WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 9

I wanted to type, "Golly another week gone by", but then I rolled my eyes and thought better of it.  I never get to show you in progress shots of the Jersey Project jerseys because I always do them on the weekends, they never carry over.  I apologize for that.  Next time I make one, I will try to do some in the process shots to share. 

I have another finished project to share later in the week!  I am happy about that.  I am hoping to do the photo shoot tonight or tomorrow...depends on if I get any good shots at home.  I might have to bring it to work where I have better access to natural light.

For some reason I thought I would have a lot to show you today because it feels like I have a lot going on.  But in reality, I only have three things.  I think there is more going on in my head than on the needles!

First up I have a project that I was super stoked to start.  I cast on last Thursday while recovering from a disastrous sleep study...

(Oprah Voice) Mitered Squares!!!!!!!!  I finally got some black fingering weight and was able to cast on.  Here I used my very first sock yarn, Happy Feet.  I received one skein in a swap and never knew what to do with it.  I used the knitted cast on because I was toying with the idea of joining as I go, but now I think that I want to do a regular long tail cast on and join later.  If I keep them all separate, they are more portable and it keeps the weight down on my poor wrists.  This is with a 54 stitch cast on on US 3 needles.

Next we have another project I cast on last week.  I was so nervous before my study that I thought casting on a project I have been wanting to knit for a while and one that I specifically went out and bought yarn for would calm me down. 

The Maude Honeycomb Baby Blanket.  This is with two repeats of a 20 row repeat oh and the bottom edging.  I did change it up around the second repeat and started slipping the first stitch knitwise and then purling the last stitch of every row.  I read ahead and saw I would be picking up stitches and thought this would make it easier on myself.  I must say I am a bit confused as to why there were increase rows and in the top edging there will be decrease rows, the same with the side pickups.  That is odd to me.  It is a rectangle, so I just figure you would cast on all the needed stitches.  *Shrugs Shoulders*  Who knows.  I looked over the projects on Ravelry, trying to decide on the right yarn and get a general idea of if people wanted to stab themselves from boredom.  I decided that a lot of people finished it without any major self inflicted injuries and that Knit Picks Comfy Worsted would be great.  I chose Seafoam and Whisker because I thought it would be the perfect gender neutral combination.  I know some people backed their blankets with fabric but I really don't want to, you would miss out on the coziness of the Comfy. 

And finally...

just a little dishcloth.  This is the Snakes & Ladders pattern.  I can't remember why I wanted to knit this.  Working on it I didn't see much of a pattern, as it is mostly garter stitch, but now looking at it in the photo I see why I wanted to knit it.  The wonderment of color and a little objectivity.  This is a four row repeat, times 18!  This is only through 5 repeats. 

And that is what is on my needles.  I am tempted by two more projects that I really want to cast on and maybe a third!  It is crazy crazy crazy around here.

Oh, I almost forgot, I am also finally getting back to this...

It has taken me a while to figure out how to get it read, but I finally cracked it.  I am back to using the Nook Color to avoid the temptation of games and twitter on the iPad!  Just under 100 pages remaining and then I can start my third book of the year!  I have A LOT of catching up to do!


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