WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 8

I have two new things to show you this week!  That is exciting to me because it means that I am not being overly lazy and am getting some stuff done!

First up we have this guy...

...this is the new Mr. Mystery.  I just wasn't feeling the lack luster "clay" of last week's Mr. Mystery installation, plus I thought he was going to be a touch on the larger side of life for traveling.  So on Sunday I cast this one on using some stash yarn!  Yay stash busting!  It is a Rebecca Danger pattern from her book, but I am at a loss for what monster it is and my book is all the way in the other room in a bag under a pile of pillows and today I am overly lazy.

Also I have this sort of "what will it really be" project started...

There is a good chance it will just end up being a dishcloth, but I am toying with a couple of other ideas. 

What I don't have to show you today is the BSJ as it is no longer on the needles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I finally cast that little darling off and it is just waiting to make it's Finished Project debut.  All in good time.

I also will no longer be showing the Ultimate Fingerless Gloves because I could not even think about picking up the needles anymore without crying, so it is lying in the bag waiting to be properly frogged.  I have a feeling that yarn is going to rot before I figure out what to make with it.  Careful knitters, frantic impulse yarn purchases may be doomed!

And that is what is happening this week.  I am hoping to get some little fun things started in the next seven days and will be happy to show you next week, provided life goes as I have so meticulously planned it.  I mean, what could happen?  Could life really get in the way?

Happy Crafting!


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