SS: Volume 1 Issue 1

Last week I sort of caught you up on what has been happening in my life and I thought I would start a new little feature called Snapshot Sunday.  I know I love seeing photos on blogs and well now that I am totally addicted to Hipstamatic from the iTunes App Store, I find myself snapping random photos all the time, so what better place to share these photos.  Not all photos are Hipstamatic, but most of this week's are.

I was in a buying mood a few weeks ago and was at my favorite online store, Amazon and decided to treat myself to something off of my wish list and so I chose, The Secret Me ~ A Questionnaire Journal.  I took it and had it spiral bound so that it was a little easier to write in.  This is a very random and detailed journal.  There are quite a few personal questions, very personal.  I will share this photo that isn't revealing too much....

Just my idea of hell and my list of biggie, unless you are from Philadelphia (home of the dreaded Flyers) or own a country music bar.

I gave up pop a few weeks ago as well.  Well, I guess only a week and a half ago, seems like forever.  Since then I have been drinking a lot of Diet Snapple and Lipton Diet Citrus Green Tea.  I have also found a weakness for McDonald's Caramel Frappe and Ice Tea with lemon.

Today I doubled up and had a large of both!  I am finding that I like the McDonald's frappe more than Starbucks.  Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also recently discovered the wonder of Netflix.  At first I just was doing instant streaming to my iPad (Archer seasons one & two).  And by at first, I mean for four hours.  Then I decided to add on the one DVD at a time and instantly stocked my queue full of this...

Thanks to Nick @ Nite I have become addicted to Friends once again.  I thought it would be best to start from the beginning and Netflix doesn't have it on instant streaming!  Can you believe that?!?!  So, it is in my queue, along with several other things.  I am finding it hard to just have one disc of one season at a time so I may take a friend up on her offer of letting me borrow her seasons.  I have cool friends!  This was only my second DVD and I watched them both the same day I received them.  It is nice we have a local distribution center, but it is still not INSTANT!

And finally I spent a portion of today working on my Life Binder.  I will have to blog my binder one of these days (great another topic!).  I was at Staples, again, and found the Martha Stewart section!  I can't believe they hid it toward the back of the store.  The inhumanity.  Now, I was not a MS fan until after she was in prison. I am not still a fan of hers so much as her products.  Her linens from Kmart are nice.  And this new line of organizational stuff at Staples?!?  Oh My Gosh!  I held back and only purchased two things.  TWO, just 2! 

Some pretty dividers for the binder and these great "envelope sleeves" for holding things like envelopes and mailing labels and bills!  I plan on grabbing my 40% off coupon from my MSL magazine and getting something from the fab line of organizational containers she has.  You can build your own system!  It is like stationary nerd heaven.  I can't wait to go back and mix and match stuff. 


heather said…
Seriously, Friends is one of those shows that is still super funny! For all the dated 90s looks, the humor holds up! Love that show...I always watch when I run into it on Nick at Nite too.

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