I have what some people might call an obsession with lists.  I have been known, on pretty much a daily basis, to make multiple "to do" lists.  It is almost therapeutic to make a list.  It calms me down when I feel overwhelmed.  And then sometimes it overwhelms me to the point of wanting to cry...

...this was my March 1st planner page.  Obviously that was WAY too many things to put on a to do list for a day when I had a massage.  It was something I was trying.  Putting down everything that I wanted to accomplish, even a few "fun when you are bored" things in the next few weeks.  Once I had to put the "forward -> arrow" on so many items I decided that probably wasn't such a great idea.  So today's looked a little more manageable.

Now, I can pretty much guarantee you that I will not get all of these things done tonight because I am already quite tired, but I do have to get two things done. 

I was in Staples the other day to pick up a book I had spiral bound and I was glancing around because, well Staples is sort of like Mecca to me.  I saw this great To Do pad and I was sold.

 Even with the $4 sticker shock price, I put it up on the counter and then ran back to the office and delved in.  Two things each day?  I can do that.  But I wasn't just going to put down two simple tasks each day.  I decided to put this to use with Operation Clean.  I need to get some things cleaned up and organized.  So, day one, Leap Day, I tackled my nightstand and put some clothes away.  Then yesterday, I cleaned out some dresser drawers and tackled email.  Tonight I am...

Being the listy person I am and wanting a seemingly fair way to tackle the extensive Operation Clean list, I set out to put each tiny step into an Excel spreadsheet and number each item to be done.

Then I printed the numbers in a large font, cut them out, folded them and put them into the random generator

Yeah, I do it old school.  So each evening or morning, I pull out two numbers and consult the almighty master list and find out what I am tackling that day/evening. 

I think this is great because it means that if I pull that dreaded office closet, I have to do it!  I can't put it off until the end and then just throw crap in there.  I LOVE to be able to mark things off my lists, so it is a big deal to me when I complete a list, whether it have 20 tasks or 2.  I even write on the back of the sheets what I did and what I hope to do next. 

So do any of you suffer from list-sanity?


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