FP: Winnipeg Jets

Finished Project: Winnipeg Jets Jersey
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: March 10, 2012
Completion Date: March 10, 2012
Materials:  Knit Picks Palette (Navy, Silver, Serrano), US 2 needles
Pattern Source: Mini Sweater

It was kind of exciting when I pulled buttons a couple of weeks ago, two came out hooked together.  The Detroit Red Wings vs. Winnipeg Jets.  In the head to head, Detroit won the battle to be knit first.  I have been waiting to do Winnipeg.  I must say that their logo is probably my most favorite!  I was head over heals in love with the movie Top Gun and I truly believed that I could be a fighter pilot.  I was wrong, but I still have this sort of love affair with these jets!  I was happy that Winnipeg held to tradition and stuck with their "old" name and made it new again. 

I chose to use the silver as the main accent color because of the jet color.  I know every time I do a jersey in navy I fall in love with it because the color is just so attractive and classy.  The accent colors just seem to pop with it in a way that the gold and white didn't on my first black jersey. 

I had to purchase a whole new batch of buttons because my original ones included Atlanta Thrashers instead of the Jets.  It was a wise purchase because the buttons are larger and much more bold than the original mini batch.  I might have to see if I can purchase another batch of buttons for another project.

8/30 - almost a third of the way to the goal!  It is going so smoothly and quickly!


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