FP: Teague

Name: Teague
Pattern: Toothy Joe the Mailbox Monster
Craft: Knitting
Made For: To be a world traveler
Needle: US 3
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Fingering
Colorway: Goth
Started: March 11, 2012
Completed: March 18, 2012

What another fun pattern from Rebecca Danger!  I love to watch these little guys come together.  This is from the Big Book of Knitted Monsters that I received as a gift from my wonderful sister.  He is only the second pattern I have knit from the book.  I chose the Toothy Joe pattern because he seemed like if he were knit in fingering, he would fit nicely in the small rate flat box for traveling.

Yes, Teague was knit for no other reason that to travel the world.  He will be taking off on April 16th as part of the Danger Crafts Group Traveling Monsters 2012.  He is busy working on his story and hopes that I will allow him to post it along with updates on his journey here on this blog.  He just bats those big, white eyes at me and I am a sucker for anything he wants to do.  Well almost anything.  There was some discussion about him missing a tooth, which I quickly told him was not possible!  Boys!

I dug out a ball of Felici as I have never used Felici and really wanted some striping.  The color changes are a bit thicker than I would have liked, but it's all good.  The really noticeable places are his arms and legs.  I purposely did not match the striping up on those for two reasons, one, he is a rebel or so he says and two, I did not want to waste chunks of yarn!

He has a hockey stick medallion (we can't call it a charm because boys don't wear charms) that is sewn on instead of on a necklace because we I feared the necklace would get lost.  He wanted to take a stick with him on his journey because he dreams of being an elite hockey player, but I told him, one the ones we have are WAY to big and two, I did not have time nor a pattern to knit one for him.  Poor little guy.  I might have to try to figure something out before he returns home and surprise him with it.

We are busy working on a design for his travel journal.  I have laid out a few ideas and he has quickly squashed most of them.  I told him to make it himself and he pointed out that he lacks thumbs and well fingers in general. 

I dare say that I am going to miss the little guy, but I know getting regular updates will be fun and we will have our own little monsters visiting us to help ease the heartache.


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