WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 4

I am not going to lie.  If it wasn't for a few good days last week, I would have nothing to show you today.  The past two days have been filled with laziness.  I have sat on my bum reading picture books, aka magazines.  My motivation jumped ship when it looked like we hit a huge iceberg while working on this...

...yup!  Our Game of Make Believe.  I told you last week I would post through clue number 5 today and that is what this is...sort of.  There are a few mistakes unique touches, that I am hoping are somewhat hidden and will not be noticed once this is scrunched up around a neck.   At some point there was one or four dropped stitches that went unnoticed for one or eight rows and may or may not have been found when stretching stitches out after the last clue row to make sure we had the correct number of stitches.

Quite honestly I thought I would be posting through clue 6 today after clue 4 only took one evening to do.  But then clue 5 came along and I quickly realized that this thing had been increasing in stitches and it was taking a lot longer (read YEARS) to purl all of those every other row.  There was a lovely little reminder to use lifelines often in each clue, but after I picked it up from hibernation and no life lines were to be found, I thought, "pfft, who needs lifelines if you are careful?"  Me.  I need them.  But dammit I am not going to use them!  I am going to trudge through all 852 million stitches next week and try to salvage this, because if I end up frogging this at this point, I may never pick up a scarf/shawl pattern again and let me tell you that I have been stockpiling such patterns and the yarn to go with them.

Let this be a lesson children, do not put off today what you won't remember you are supposed to be doing six months from now.

But, I am not working on it tonight, if I find a life saver, I am throwing it to my motivation and enticing it to return with this photo....

COTTON!  You know what cotton means Motivation.  It means something small and relatively simple.  So please, I beg you, come back to me and we will make beautiful small things out of green cotton. 


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