WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 3

Whew...just in under the wire!  I wasn't quite sure I was going to get a post up today.  I haven't had much progress to share, but today I do have something.

I am dedicating February to working on WiPs.  I have a few things on my needles that I would like to, if not finish, get a good chunk done.  Today's project I will finish this month if it is the only thing I do.  Well, I am still reserving weekends to work on the Jersey Project.

Here is what I am working on right now...

This is titled Game of Make Believe.  It is my version of The Knitting Game.  I started this way back in September, it was a Knit Along in the Criminal Knits group (for the Criminal Minds show).  I decided to join the group and the KAL because The Knitting Game intrigued me.  A clue a week for seven weeks?  A mystery?  Yes please.  I stalled out just after week three.  Actually I took on some Christmas knitting and well, that's how things go. 

It is really fun because each "week" you pick from three different clues that vary in difficulty.  There is an option for a wrap (which I did not choose to do) and a kerchief (which I did choose to do).  I am using Knit Picks Stroll Hand Paints in Make Believe, hence my project title. 

This is the progress through four clues.  With any luck, next week I will be able to show you through at least five clues, I am hoping for six (it all depends on my motivation, which went missing around January 9th).


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