The One Where I Catch Everyone Up


I’ve been contemplating doing an update post of sorts. All I ever really post is crafty stuff and I thought, “Hey, maybe all two of my followers want to read about what a boring life I lead.” So here is my What’s Happening blog post.

Would you run away and hide if I said, not much is happening in my life? I don’t think there is a lot going on, but it’s kind of how I want it to be. Things are running pretty smoothly but let’s break it down in one of my most favorite styles…BULLETS (Oprah voice).

• Where Does All My Time Go?

o For the most part my time is spent at work (don’t look at last week). I am up earlier than a lot of my friends (between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m.) and am at work between 7:00 and 8:00. I know that seems like a wide range, but it really depends on what appointments I have for the day. And by appointments, I mean therapy. My job does not require the scheduling of appointments and meetings (one of the best things about it). So, if I have therapy, I get to work by 7:00 a.m. and if I don’t, I am there before 8:00 a.m. I leave between 3:45 and 4:00 every day! Yes, I get paid a full eight hours. We have an incorporated 30 minute lunch, which is usually in office and we usually stretch it to 45 minutes. Seriously, three or more people trying to cook and eat lunch with one microwave in 30 minutes? Not really a happening event. To make you all jealous, at least once a month we get a catered lunch (leftovers from meetings) from a variety of places complete with dessert. Those are only a few of the perks. I am very thankful for a job that lets me be flexible with my time and scheduling appointments and such. This is the slow time of the month, leading up to the busy time. My slow times are the second half of the month, while my busy time is the first ten or twelve days. I have a whole list of things that I will never plan on getting to during the slow times.

o Home is where the heart is, and all that other work! I was so spoiled earlier in January when my office/studio was cleaned up and organized. It was so lovely to be able to have clean surfaces to craft on. Then I began crafting. And now, the surfaces are not so tidy. I really need to get in there and get stuff put away. I have about a month to get that done before my sister arrives with her family. There are about a gazillion (yes that is a real measurement/number) things on my to do list, about a gabillion of them are cleaning related. If anyone is hankering for a closet to clean and organize, I have the PERFECT one for you! I always think I will get to it on the weekend, but then the weekend arrives and I have errands to run and then I usually crash (more on that later). The other gamillion things are mostly craft related. I have been pretty good about keeping up on the finances (what little there seem to be) and bills (what a huge amount there seems to be).

o Hockey & Twitter are my two biggest weaknesses/not so guilty pleasures. They sort of go hand in hand because 90% of the people I follow are hockey related journalists/fans/players. It is a HUGE time waster and I am really good at it. I am almost up to 3,000 tweets and am one follower away from 100! I am not such a rockstar on twitter. I have been getting retweeted more and more which always puts a smile on my face! Sometimes I make funnies that people deem worthy of sharing with other people. So there is hockey. I pay for Center Ice every season so that I can see every Penguins game there is. If I am not home, I record it (can I get an Amen for DVR?) and watch it later. I also am following the New York Rangers and Colorado Avalanche with some regularity. Actually if it is anyone other than the Capitals and Flyers I will pretty much tune in. I definitely get my money’s worth of hockey. It is the perfect thing to put on for a nap. You start your nap at the beginning, being lulled to sleep by picturing what is happening and with any luck, you wake up two hours later to see the end. Of course I don’t sleep during Pens games, what with edge of your seat action. But an Islanders/Ottawa game? You bet! My planner and work calendars (both Outlook and desk) are all filled in with Pens games so that I know what lies ahead. I am such a hockey dork.

o T.V. Land has been quite a lonely place this season. I quit watching several shows including Glee, CSI, Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods. I still DVR Hawaii Five-0 and on occasion CSI, but for the most part I end up deleting them. They just failed to capture and hold my interest this year. I watch most shows on DVR and have deleted a few without finishing them. I regularly watch Castle, NCIS, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, and One Tree Hill (don’t judge it is the final season and I can suffer through 13 horrid episodes to see if someone dies or if they all just explode from cheesiness). I try to catch Face Off on SyFy, which is really my only reality show that I watch. I am also new to the Archer craze over on FX. I found this through twitter and am hooked. I even signed up for Netflix and for the past few days have been streaming Archer Seasons 1 & 2. I signed up for Netflix because I also want to watch Friends from the beginning. It has been a long time and I have been catching episodes here and there on Nick @ Nite and…well one thing led to the other. So that is where I am at viewing wise.

o Health. I have been under the weather for about the past week. It started with a monster headache on President’s Day that lasted for two days. Thursday I was nauseated for a good chunk of the day with another headache and Friday I just felt really run down. I think I am finally on the mend. I saw my doctor a few weeks ago for a general well visit and well…I had to do an overnight pulse ox test which came back not so good. So now I get to do a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea. I am not surprised. I have suspected this for quite some time but never really mentioned it, but lately I have just been so tired by mid day that it is hard to do anything! I just lay around kind of zoned out. If it does come back that I have sleep apnea I will try the treatment, the whole cpap mask/oxygen combo because I wan to feel good. I want to have energy and I want to stay awake! I will know more mid March when I do the study. Not going to lie, it is kind of nerve wracking to think about someone watching you while you sleep. Creep City. Also in health news is therapy! I am so excited that I found a therapist that I really like. I think she is great and I can’t wait each week to go and see what we can discover about me together. I have been trying to find someone for about a year, a little over and I have not had any luck. I called the EAP number from work and at first I thought it was Joke City because they had found someone for me on the High Line (read: Canada for all intents and purposes) and well that was not even feasible considering I live in Southwest Montana and not Northern Montana. So I told them that they failed me. Then they found me this wonderful lady and I am just so pleased. We are working on finding a way for me to like me. It is interesting to really verbalize and admit how much I don’t really like myself. I can’t wait to see where I am at in a few months and then in a year. It will be worth all the money I have to pay to make a go of this.

o Family life is great. Everyone seems to be happy and healthy. The boys are their usual selves, Cooper is concerned with working and Elliott is all about food. Elliott is mostly concerned about treats and people food really. His goal pretty much every day is to see how many treats he can trick us out of. He lies a lot! He will tell one of us that the other didn’t give him a treat and then he get’s one and the other person gets a lecture about not giving him a treat. You would think we would learn but we don’t. I think it is his big brown eyes and just all around adorableness. Cooper is all about being outside working. He doesn’t really have a real job, he mostly tries to corral cars on the drive a block over from ours (large empty lot in between). He is a talker though. Every day and every night you can count on him to just be jabbering away about what, we really don’t know. He seems like he is getting really old and cranky. He goes to bed earlier and earlier every night, has even taken to abandoning us in favor of his nice dark bedroom. Funny guys those two are. Mom recently returned from visiting sister and family. She had a good time. She got to go to the boys’ Cub Scouts meeting and just hang out with them and read, snuggle, fun Granny stuff. They will be visiting in just about a month. It will be great to see my sister and nephews. And my brother-in-law too. Sister has promised to show me some sewing tricks, so I can’t wait for that. I should start ironing fabric now though! My stash cupboard is basically all stuffed with shoved in fabrics. So much for my organizational strategy.

• The Other Stuff

o I love gadgets! I cannot tell you how in love I am with my iPad. It is the first thing I grab when I get home, provided I didn’t take it to work with me. I check twitter and facebook then I check and then blogs. I read with it, am viewing Netflix through it, almost sleeping with it. I am really hoping that Montana passes legislation soon to allow me to marry it. I think that it is more likely for that to pass than same sex marriages. Just saying that my state is so far behind the times, it might still be operating solely in DOS.

o Stash. Oh my gosh my yarn stash is about to hit Hoarders proportions. I went on sort of a wild spree at Knit Picks not long ago and actually had to covertly sneak the yarn into the house and into my stash bins. Yes, I am shameful of my stash enhancement. Guilty does not even cover it. I did purchase every thing with projects in mind, but my mind and motivation is so wandering that I am libel to sit on it for a few years before offering my sister a shopping trip through my stash. I keep purchasing sock yarn and I don’t knit socks. I do knit monsters however and I have this skein of Punky that will make a wild rockstar sort of monster. Just as soon as I settle on a pattern and have a spare five hours. I also have plans for two blankets. Never mind the fact that I have yet to knit one blanket, I have plans for TWO. Actually at this moment, I have plans for THREE. I bet in six months I still have those plans hanging in the back of my mind and in a year I will have started two and have nothing completed. I am an expert procrastinator. If there is rehab program for that, I will need to be fully committed. I am talking Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, Roberty Downey Jr. commitment. I am ready for PA meetings.

o Oh, I almost forgot one thing BULLETS (Oprah voice). I follow the Freak Show guys on twitter (fsmikey and fsbigbob from Pittsburgh’s KISS FM (I think)) and they are always doing Oprah voice. You know the voice she uses when she is really excited and giving stuff away. I don’t personally like Oprah. In fact I believe that she might be the most evil thing there is, but…I do enjoy a good Oprah Voice mention. So, that is what that was all about.

Well I hope you enjoyed this rather extensive look into my life. Hopefully I still have my two followers and I promise next time there will be pictures. I know that photos are the life blood to any blog. I just don’t have any right now or rather don’t have access to any at the moment.


Heather said…
Your post today was adorable. I knew you followed the Freak Show with he Oprah voice mention. Love those guys.

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