WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 2

I had intended to post this last week, but I hadn't done anything but cast on and who really wants to see a picture and hear about casting on?  So, I have this to present to you...

I am working on the Ultimate Fingerless Mitts using my Draygone sock yarn in the Pittsburgh Penguin colorway.  If you remember, I bought this yarn way last March in an eager attempt to do something fabulous with it during the Playoffs.  Well it failed to be worked into a shawl after several attempts.  It was benched after a lackluster performance.  I sent it down to the minors and just called it back up to attempt a HUGE comeback as these awesome mitts.  I have been wanting to make them for a long time.  And in reality, fingerless gloves are probably more me than a shawl. 

It is interesting that they are striping completely opposite of each other.  I am knitting from two different balls and it is just funny how that worked out.  It is slow going as they are on a US 2 needle and well it is just straight in-the-round stockinette.  Super boring. This is definitely not something that will be completed this month, so you will most certainly see it again on WiPW. 


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