WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 1

My first WiP Wednesday post for 2012!  I am excited to have something.  I actually only have one thing on the needles right now.  Well, one that I am currently working on.  Shhh...I have a kerchief that is still holding from November.

But, I am working on a Lurleen the Laundry Monster.  Not sure that it really looks like a girl at this point, more boyish and definitely wants nothing to do with the laundry!

Still unnamed at this point.  I hope to get started on the arms or feet tonight, but I have a lot of home office work to get done first. 

I am also "working" on this book...

I love John Sandford's Prey series.  This, I believe is book 17.  I started the series back in July and have just been on a roll ever since.  Great characters, great stories, just all around great books.

I don't know that I will have a finished monster by Friday.  Friday is my night to hopefully finish up, as it is the first Penguins game of 2012 and I tend to do a lot of knitting during games.  Not that I am superstitious, but when I wear the right top and socks and knit, they do tend to win.  I can't let the boys down now can I?

#LetsGoPens (yes I am addicted to hash tags!)


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