FP: Vincent Valentine

Finished Project: Vincent Valentine
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: January 1, 2012
Completion Date: January 6, 2012
Materials: Lion Brand Cotton Ease (Cherry, Snow), Safety Eyes, Fiber Fill
Pattern Source: Lurleen the Laundry Monster

This is my fourth Rebecca Danger pattern (see Lowell, Geno Chunk, Winnie the WinterMonster) and I think it might be my most favorite!  It was so easy and so quick.  I know it looks like it took me a week, but I really only knit while watching hockey and I did take a couple of days off.  Plus if I am watching hockey and knitting, I am usually on twitter as well.  Twitter is an addiction!

As I was working on him, I kept thinking he needed a bit more.  Some sort of bling or pizazz a wow factor if you will.  Then I was lying in bed one night, trying to get to sleep (didn't work to well) and I thought, hey what about an afro?  I think I could have gone a little bigger, but I didn't have a bigger pom pom maker.  I think it works on him though. 

He seemed to be somewhat of a dapper fella, so I made him a nice scarf/tie to really set it off and bring out his eyes (or so he tells me).  He was feeling a little bit stuffy, so he decided that he needed some sort of a rebel without a cause effect and thus...

he got some butt "ink".  He wanted it to put a name through the heart, but I told him that that was a mistake, my first rule is to not put any names or faces on my body in ink and that I thought this was rebellious enough for right now.  He needs time to really find himself first.  He conceded with a slight struggle.

I am not sure where Vincent will end up, but I am sure when he finds his way to a new home he will be very happy and will adjust well.


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