WiP Wednesday: Final 2011 issue

Gosh, I haven't done one of these in forever!  It hasn't felt like I have worked on many projects for a while.  I think because I usually have a couple of things going and I have been so focused since November on just a few things.  I had two monkies to get done, a couple of swap items, and then a few weeks ago I finally found the time to cast on today's show and tell...

...and it's close to being done!  This is the gramps sweater.  I am knitting the 0-6 month size and praying that it fits!  I don't have a 0-6 month old to try it on.  This is for little Dane who was born on November 17th almost 18th!  Mommy & Daddy decided to let the gender be a surprise so it was really hard to knit for the wee one.  I scoured Ravelry for the perfect sweater for him and considered many until I saw this pattern.  I fell in love.

I am getting ready to settle in and start picking up stitches for the button band and collar then I will just have to little pockets and two little elbow patches. 

If I put the petal to the metal I might actually finish it this year!  Then I could start 2012 with just two projects on the needles.

With the new year, come many hopes for being a better this or a better that.  I hope to be a better blogger and a better crafter.  I hope to be a bit of a better person too.  This will most likely be my last post of 2011, but I plan on being here on January 1st to kick of 2012 in grand fashion.  Until then...

...I wish nothing but the best for everyone in 2012.  Remember to party responsibly and don't drink and drive.  We want everyone to enter 2012 safe and healthy!


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