WiP Wednesday Volume 1 Issue 10

I am working on two Jerry the Musical Monkey monkeys for a friend and this is where I stand right now, two bodies and two arms...

I finished up the cloth I posted last time, but forgot to take a picture of it before I sent ot off to Virginia!  Ooops. 

I took last night off and tonight is a bit of a catch up night on some paperwork, but I plan to get back into the knitting swing tomorrow night during the Pens/Sharks game. 

I am also in the beginning stages of The Big Room Move 2011 Edition.  I tend to flip two rooms every year.  This is that time of year.  I am really excited about getting it done.  I like the thought of lying in bed at night and watching hockey.  I also like the thought of lying in bed at midnight and watching anything, rather than laying in my bed wide awake doing nothing!  Finally my "studio" will be just that, a place just for work.  I can finally listen to my iTunes library again.

I hope to post a finished project on Friday!  It is tiny, but adorable...


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