THe Holidays Are Fast Approaching

The Holidays are fast approaching. Just four nights’ sleep until Black Friday. Maybe not even a full night’s sleep if you plan on hitting the stores at midnight! I can’t say that I won’t be there at midnight, because I am a girl who likes a little adventure, but I don’t actively have plans to be out and about at that time. Four a.m. is plenty early enough for me.

I wasn’t going to look at BF ads online, but then yesterday I was up early and a little bored and so I started looking and so far I have not seen anything that I can’t live without. I don’t buy many toys and when I do, I tend to pay full price or order them at a slight discount online. I cannot imagine banging people around to get one of those horribly ugly Bratz dolls. I only buy for three children anyways, two boys and a girl. Thankfully my nephews enjoy creative things like Legos and books. Those things don’t got on sale very often and if they do, then their mom picks it up and we reimburse her if it is to be from us. I also shop for my friend’s daughter. I try to get her things that I think would be fun. I often casually quiz her mom for ideas and this year, she said she wanted creative things. That sent off bells and whistles in my head. She likes to watch Project Runway with her mom, and while there are a lot of PR products out there right now, they are all a bit too old for her. So, what could be better for a hip, adorable, fashion minded five year old? Fashion Plates! OMG do you guys remember these? I got my sisters handed down set and then several years later, when I was much older, I scored another set to tinker around with! I think that it will be so much fun for her. I found them at one of my favorite stores, Amazon. I also got her a Melissa & Dug fashion dolls stencil kit sort of thing that I thought she could enjoy. I wanted to get her something that would sort of challenger her, yet be easy enough to do on her own as she has a brand new baby brother. So my child shopping is done for and I didn’t have to fight hoards of determined moms at midnight in the aisles of WalMart. Thankfully (I think) we don’t have a Toys R Us close by. Unless you think four hours is close by.

Back to the fury of BF. I wait patiently for the newspaper to arrive on Thanksgiving morning. It seems to be that one day of the year when I don’t have the paper when I get up! I read all the “news” first and then browse the ads. Later in the day, I settle in with my notebook and ads and plan our attack route. Normally most of the shopping is done prior to Thanksgiving weekend. But there are always a few hold out gifts and those oh so hard to shop for people on my list. More times than not, though, we are shopping for ourselves. Things that we want that we didn’t put on our lists, because we didn’t know we wanted it until it was priced down for Black Friday sales events. It used to be tradition to get a brand new pair of slippers. You often needed them once you got home and your feet hurt so bad. That tradition sort of morphed into purchasing them and giving them as gifts a month later instead.

This year we are toying with the idea of doing some early morning events and then hitting the road for Missoula, roughly two hours to the west. Normally we would not entertain this idea, but they are having a large bazaar that we would like to check out and they have many more stores than we have. It would be a quick trip as I would not want to drive home in the dark. It all hinges on weather. We were scheduled to go last weekend, but a nice storm system moved in and we were blanketed with snow and ice. It seems the forecast changes daily around our area, so we likely won’t know if we are going until the morning of.

This is an exciting week for me. I only work two days, as I am taking vacation days on Wednesday and Friday, so I will have five consecutive days off. It is sort of a laid back sort of environment around the office. A lot of people are off and it is kind of the lull before the storm in my department. I am stretching a few small projects out and avoiding anything too big and involved. Cooper is going in to the spa on Wednesday. He is in desperate need of a haircut and shampoo. Poor little guy will be freezing, but I think he will feel so much better to not have all that hair weighing him down. I can’t imagine it is too much fun having iceballs on your legs and belly. We are delivering holiday wreaths to a few family members on Wednesday and then on Thursday we will be visiting my father to deliver his Charlie Brown tree and ornament.

Once again, we are having a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This year we are having lasagna and homemade bread. For dessert, we picked up a Reese’s pie by Edwards. Yum! A turkey is just too much for two people, especially when one of them is not overly fond of turkey.

I have been working on a few different projects since I last posted. First I finished the Great Move of 2011. Who knew it could be so much work to flip two rooms? It was exhausting, but the rewards have been worth it. My camera went missing for a bit of time, that is why there were no WiP Wednesday posts! I had the memory card, but not the camera. I finally found it and have a little shoot planned for Wednesday. I will hopefully have four items finished for that shoot, but will only be able to fully share two as the others are swap items! I have finished up two more monkeys for a friend. She is giving them as gifts, one to her little guy and one I am thinking might be for her great niece, but I am not 100% on that, it could be for someone else. I hope to finish up the final swap item tomorrow night. I have a full night of hockey and knitting ahead of me tonight, so I plan on making some major headway. Then I have some cloths to make for a swap and to have on hand for those last-minute gifts. In December, I plan on starting on a baby sweater for the new baby boy I mentioned earlier. I have the yarn on order. I am anxiously awaiting getting started on that. I love to knit little baby items.

Today is a big day in the hockey world. Sidney Crosby returns to the lineup tonight since being out with a concussion since January 5, 2011! Over 100 games missed. It is very exciting, especially if you are a HUGE Pittsburgh fan, which I most definitely am! We also get Zybenek Michalek back as well, so we have a relatively healthy roster for the first time in a few years! It is going to be inspiring I think. I am very excited and am willing this day to move that much faster!

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and may you find peace in this hectic season.

(still trying to get used to the new layout of blogspot)


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