FP: Geno Chunk

Finished Project: Geno Chunk
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: October 23, 2011
Completion Date: October 23, 2011
Materials: Draygone yarns - Pittsburgh Penguins
Notions: Safety Eyes, Fiber Fill
Pattern Source: Monster Chunks

I finally made a monster!  AND I finally have something finished using my Pittsburgh Penguins yarn!  I named this little guy Geno after Evgeni Malkin because right he was having a hot game right around the time this little guy was finding his groove in the room.  You can see, that he is settling in nicely with the Pennies for Pittsburgh jar, an old school new school log shot glass and hidden from view, my Iceburgh bobble head.

There will definitely be more Penguin Hockey Chunks to come.  After all, I do need an entire roster.  And with the way the injury bug is biting our players, some call ups as well.


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