Hi there!  It's been a bit of time since I last wrote.  It's the same old and games got in the way.  Actually I have been suffering from lack of focus and so I haven't really been doing much to write about.  I finally finished a project last Thursday.  I am pretty excited about that.  I have to write it up and post it, but I can share a photo... see the post here

I am so happy it is done and it turned out just how I wanted it to!  Yay!

I also started working on a ginormous undertaking, that I think will be years in the making.  A sneak peek...

I rearranged my "studio" area and I am really happy with it.  A new desk, converted the old desk into a sewing/all purpose craft station.  Tonight I decided to switch the seating arrangement and create more an entertainment area.  With that change it really set up "zones" (work, crafting, entertainment/knitting (they go hand in hand)).

And being the uber geek that I am, I have been organizing my life like crazy.  Even at work, I have been on an super organization/tracking system track.  I don't know how I will handle it when everything is organized!  I will probably start over with a new system.

This weekend I need to tackle my closets!  Scary to think about.  Thankfully there is nothing worth watching on television, so I have the time.  It does cut into my creative time though.

I took a roady on Saturday to Bozeman and picked up some yummy yarn.  The Yarn Shop was having a sale on sock yarn, so I scored some Cascade and some Berrocco Comfort (slated for a shawl).  I also picked up some Alpaca (Plymouth?) for a Cedar Leaf Shawlette.  I will post photos once I take it out of the bag (later this week maybe...maybe not).

I have been dieting (I blogged the first few days over at The Fat Journals.  Hoping to get back there later in the week to post my progress so far).  It is going well, except that right now I am so hungry and I just ate dinner.  If you are hungry right after eating does that mean that those calories don't count?  Seriously this is crazy. 

Well I have to get some stuff done tonight, this was on my list and I am happy to check it off!


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