T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 7

I finally sat down this weekend and watched some television.  It has been a while it seems since I have done that, had a marathon DVR session.

First up, I caught up with Covert Affairs.  I had two episodes to watch and the first, All the Right Friends was a little boring.  There was a lot of running and driving around Argentina.  I don't really know what else I can say about it.  I did not enjoy the story and I think part of the dynamic that works on this show is between the field and the office and that was completely lacking.  Also, the story was about a story, not about some sort of threat to the country.  It just fell flat for me and that is upsetting because I really like Ignacio Serricchio.

Next up was Around the Sun, about a NASA leak.  This episode also marked the first of Auggie in a new position, leaving the operations field and moving into a more administrative role.  Thankfully it was also the last of him in that role!  (Sorry if you haven't seen it, but it's been a week!)  I didn't much care for his temporary replacement Reva.  She was a little to stick-in-the-mud.  Looks like she is sticking around for this week though.  The story was a little blah, not much action.  I did like the twist with the son at the end.  And it also looks like things are resolved with Arthur, so that is over.

I caught a few reruns of Nikita while I was at it as well.  I didn't get to watch during the regular viewing season as it conflicted with Bones/CSI/Grey's Anatomy.  I think I made the right decision.  It is a pretty slow moving show.

I was finally able to catch up on Flashpoint!  I think I had four episodes on the machine.   One of them was a repeat.  With that in mind, I apologize if they all run together in my mind, but I want to touch on a few things.

First, before I forget....how much did I love seeing Jessica Steen?  If you don't know who she is, I mostly recognize her from playing Hannah in Sing (one of my guilty pleasures) and as Paula Cassidy on NCIS.  Looking at her filmography, it looks like she pops up on Flashpoint semi-regularly.  Yay!  I just received the second season a couple of weeks months ago.  So, it will be fun to see her.

Second, Victor Garber! The man who "built Titanic".  Of course as a viewer you had to hate his character because he wanted to split the team up, but in the end, you can go back to somewhat liking him.  He played a hard ass evaluator, more like interrogator.

Also, what is happening with Wordy?  Will he be okay, will we hear any more about what is happening with him?  What is Ed and Sofie's baby girl's name?  And why oh why did Jules go to Sam's?  Especially after what happened with Victor Garber?

A lot of answers left at the end of last week's episode...hopefully by season's end we will have some answers.

Next up, I plan on catching up on Rookie Blue and hopefully settling in this week to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  I must admit that the last few seasons I have really been more disinterested than interested.  I watched last week's performances on fast-forward for the most part and have been getting my results sooner on twitter (I'm mountain time).

Well thunder has returned to the Big Sky, so I best get going...

Stay Tuned...


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