WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 5

Already the second Wednesday of June!  Wow time flies when you put your mind to working.  I have had quite a bit going on in the last week.

First, I joined The Byrd's Nest June KAL over on Ravelry.  We are knitting the Mina Mouse.  Mine is tentatively named Maura.  I will have to see if the name fits her personality when she is done.  She is coming along nicely.  I finished the body, head and ears between Thursday & Saturday.

Then last night I did her legs and tail.

Sunday I dedicated to working on Fi-Fy-Fo-Fum, my version of Fiona's Top

I am so close to being done with the back.  I had hoped to finish that up before the week ends, but I am on a push to finish two chapters of school work so that I can test this weekend and start on my final book...which is HUGE in comparison to the others (there goes my end of July plan!)  I will finish the back by the end of Sunday though and hopefully be able to start the front as well.

I did set Fi-Fy down for a bit to work on something else, break up the repitition a little.  I decided to start putting the penalty boxes together to figure out just where I am.  Apparently, I am here...

I have two or three more strips to add and then I can figure out how many more boxes I need to make and then I can choose a border.  I am putting it together with grey, which will also be in the border.  I am going to strive for the end of July as a completion date.

Yarn pig is filling up quite nicely and we are just six months in to the year.  He may have to be emptied and refilled, but we will see how much we can squeeze into him first.  He is predominately Pittsburgh Penguin themed...

And up until about two hours ago, this was in progress as well

I love to finish a book, but at the same time I feel a little sadness.  Thankfully, John Sandford has written 21 Prey novels and this was number eight.

So what have you been working on?


Heather said…
I bought thread for a new doily, but need to do more quilting first.

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