WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 4

Today we begin with two things that have been most recently worked on...

School work.  I am trying to get this course done by the end of July, so I have set up a pretty tight schedule and so far I am on track.  So I spent last night working on surveillance and, as it has been since starting the course, I have found many things that I am currently involved with to relate it to.  It becomes even more interesting when you can associate it with something. 

In a totally crazy connection, I started looking today at what I want to work on when this course is finished and I have decided that I am going to continue on this track and delve into criminal investigation and/or law enforcement/policing.  This has always been a passion of mine and I decided last year that I could do it on my own. 

I have also been working on this...a little slower than usual, but I have been enjoying it.

Leaves my hands a little sticky so I haven't been working as much as I should be on this

Next week I plan to reveal much more as I think I am getting into a really good groove and can see how it is coming together.  It is almost like a puzzle and the pieces are starting to click.

I did take some time out on Memorial Day (Monday) to work this up.  I think I showed another that I had done a few weeks back. 

This used some of the new Bernat/Sugar & Cream (I think they are most definitely related) in the Batik print (the outer edges variegated).  I really like this pattern to show off different cottons.  It doesn't take long, can be a little fiddly, but with the more I do, the more I catch on. I need to work up one in blues.

I have contacted a very bad case of starteritis.  I just keep finding new projects and get all excited that I start them before finishing others.  This is another one I have started. 

Just a little peek underneath of what it is.  These are the three colors I am going to use.  I think they are quite lovely together.  They have been in my stash for a while. I have this problem where I hoard yarn, afraid that if I use it I will never find it again.  I am in therapy for it and I think I am doing well. 

One of my greatest fears with yarn is the Lion Brand will discontinue the Cotton Ease line.  I cannot tell you how much I love cotton blends.  They have such nice drape and feel great in my hands.

This is a little something that I hope to show more of in a few weeks.  I hope to start working on what's inside later this week.

You can see that there is an embroidery hoop involved and I can tell you that the contents take up the entire case.  I can also tell you that I am going to have to launder what's inside or find another way to air it out because the case, while lovely and practical, has that very specific plastic stinky odor to it.  I have been wondering for a few weeks now what that odor was and finally the other day it dawned on me.  What is inside, I can also tell you, is a Christmas gift.  I hope I can do it justice as it is not a craft/technique that I am overly familiar with.

And that is what has been happening the last week.  I would show you numerous photos of the books I have been reading, but since they are all in electronic format, it would just be photos of my Nook.  I am truly taking full advantage of all the Nook Color has to offer.  I am able to check facebook and twitter anytime I want as long as it is next to me.  I love, although I haven't tried yet, that I can highlight something and facebook or tweet it from what I am reading.  My poor iTouch is feeling a bit lonely right about now.  I used to use him every night to check FML and now I do it after I am done reading, right before I close my eyes.  I love that the Color is backlit and I don't have to have a light on.  And what is even more exciting?!?  Mom is loving the Nook Classic!  I thought she would be reluctant to use it, but she started using it right away and even took it on our trip to Missoula.  The other night she was using it with the light in bed...with the main lights turned off!  That is huge because she is a fan of lights, where I am the complete opposite.  We are both benefiting from this purchase.  And what is even better is that we use my account so no need to have to use the "lend me" feature.

Well that is about all that is going on right now.  Today is the first day of June and that means the first day of a lot of new adventures in my life.  Here's hoping that your May flowers bring you continued joy through the summer.  (BTW - we had snow this past weekend, so not too many May flowers in Montana.  We did buy ours this weekend and if I am not mistaken, they were planted today (I am not a gardener)).  Once we get some sunshine and they look all pretty, I will post some photos.


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