Weekend Update: 6-6-11

This was a great weekend. It is a shame that we couldn’t flip flop this weekend with last, weather wise. It was so beautiful out. I took full advantage by staying indoors and knitting.

Friday night, after dinner and Mackenzie River, I worked on the Mina Mouse, the June KAL over at The Byrd’s Nest group on Ravelry. I finished the body and the head then settled in to do some reading before bed.

Got up early on Saturday. Well, I was woken up early by Cooper and went back to sleep. I got up at around 8:00 and read the paper. Made a couple of stops and then hit Wal-Mart to pick up my prescription that was only partially last week. Also got a new pool for the boys. Really it is a giant water dish. Every once in a while they will dip their toes in. I think we were home by 10:20 and I got started working on some mouse ears. After the ears were done and I ate some lunch, I decided to pull out the penalty boxes and see what I had going on. I pieced two rows together and then started joining the strips. I have two strips left to join and then I will figure out how many more boxes I need. I didn’t know I was as far as I am on that project. I think I will put that on my list for July to finish. I did some office work and then settled in for some hockey. Game two was quite entertaining and I missed the OT goal because I was talking! Thankfully they replayed it 86 times. After that, I headed into bed to read and sleep!

Sunday was a stay-at-home day. I started around 9:00 working on some knitting and watching Flashpoint on DVR. I took a little break and ran to the grocery store and then to pick up some daisies for Mom (so I guess not a total stay-at-home day). I worked all day knitting and doing schoolwork. Finally settled in and did some more office work before spending a couple of hours reading.

I got some stuff done that I really wanted to and didn’t get some of the stuff done that I really wanted to. Next weekend I am making a date with my closet. He is feeling crowded, so I told him we could have a therapy session and he could get rid of some baggage. I think I will also get the a/c unit installed as the last few nights have been warm.

And that, is my weekend in a nutshell.


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