Weekend Update: 6-27-11

I took a little frustration craft deadline induced blogcation.  But I survived (barely) and only have 24 rows left to finish on a project and then a new month starts.

I wish that I could say that during my blogcation I got a lot of stuff done, but really all I have to show for it is a finished ensemble and three criminal justice chapters.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have this much done.  It seems like it was just one failure after another beginning on June 14th!  At one point, I think I might have slipped into a failure coma and refused to acknowledge the world for a few days.  Things started to take a turn for the better on the 18th and by the 23rd, I felt like the world was okay again.

I wish I had photos to share with you today, but by the time I finished last night and was thinking about taking photos, I realized that the "studio" was a total disaster.  I don't take professional quality photos, hell I don't even edit *gasp* my photos, but I was quite sure that a rack of drying work clothes would not make for a very appealing backdrop.  That and I wanted to be off the computer as fast as I could last night so that I could try to finish my book and watch the series finale of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (show watched, book not finished (until this morning)).   I do hope to have some photos to share in the next couple of days.

So that really sums up my week & weekend.  I feel like my head is above water and that by Free Agency Friday (July 1) I will be back on top and ready to conquer July!


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