Weekend Update: 6-13-11

One week ago, I was certain that I would have a load of stuff to show you and write about.  Now, in the cold hard light of day, I have only this...

Nothing!  I did not finish one thing this weekend.  I didn't really do much of anything.  It seems like I was hardly at home and when I was at home I was so full of good food that I could barely lift the remote to change channels.  So, in all reality, I probably have about 10 pounds of fat put on my already rotund body.n  Ugh!  I hate that feeling of failure.  Maybe failure is too strong a word, but definitely a feeling of unproductiveness.

I started yet another knitting project and it is about 75% finished.  Hope to have it done by the end of the week, along with some sewing projects that I cut, but didn't get stitched.

Currently, I am watching the Vancouver/Boston game 6 and hopefully this goal by Vancouver will spark something and then can come back and get this series over with tonight.  3 more goals in the third period is not unheard of, it is not insurmountable.  We'll see.  I will let you know tomorrow.

So there you have my lackluster weekend.


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