T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 4

Welcome all couch potatoes.  There is a reason that they have series finales in May.  They figure that during the summer people spend their down time outdoors in the sun, having fun.  Thankfully there are a few t.v. people who know that there are those people, like myself, who spend their down time in the summer, the same way they do in fall and winter, in front of the t.v.  I spend my time creating (or failing at creating) and am thankful that there are some new shows.  And this week, I was treated to two shows.

Covert Affairs premiered season two on Tuesday with an episode that picked up in a military or at the very least government hospital in Guam where Annie's former beau, Ben, was being treated for gunshot wounds from the season one finale.  I thought it was a bit odd that they were playing some hanky panky with a camo clad nurse at the foot of the bed.  They must have too because they dismissed her quickly.  Then suddenly things went weird and Annie & Ben found themselves in, what appeared to be, an empty hospital with two crazed gunmen, gunning for them.  They were able to make it to the stairwell, because that is what happens in an action series and use some subterfuge to escape to the main floor, where the was one lone elderly man with a walker, on their way to the guard station.  Now this is where I stopped to pause...if they are in a hospital with an armed guard station, why was an entire floor of the hospital empty with two crazed gunmen on the loose?  Let me tell you why, they had to create some drama to make you keep watching.  And watch, I did.  Annie made it back home to her unsuspecting sister, freshened up and hit the office in a pair of Louboutin's.  This was my second pause and it continued to bother me all episode long.  Annie's cover is that she works for the Smithsonian, in acquisitions, or whatever and drives a little sub compact car.  So, where is she getting the money for Louboutin's?  You would think, given last season's revelation that her brother-in-law is searching for work, that she would be kicking some scratch to her sister for rent on her guest house.  Because if I were her sister and I saw her sporting $900 dollar shoes while I clipped coupons, I would be pissed (and depending on the size she wore, would be asking to borrow them).  It wasn't just the cost that had me perplexed, but also how sensible a shoe is that for a spy?  Later in, what I am assuming was, the same day, she took off running out of a surveillance van, across a street and up some stairs.  Really?  I can barely run in normal shoes, let alone stilettos.  And that is pretty much was I thought about the rest of the show.  Well that and how beautiful Kari Matchett is and how she needs to dump that zero and get with a hero.  No, not really, I love Peter Gallagher and in some weird way their relationship works.  I just wanted to use the zero/hero line.

Wednesday was Vegas week on So You Think You Can Dance and I only watched maybe an hour.  I missed most of the you-choreograph-it-yourselves, Broadway and hip-hop. I was able to watch the diabetes hour though and contemporary.  I was able to watch a whole bunch of people cry and I knew by the end, that going into Thursday's Top 20 show, we would see a we-can-only-take-one-of-you moments between the sisters.  So, when that happened on Thursday, I was totally prepared to roll my eyes and go with it.  This season, they have changed it up yet again.  There will be a Top 20 and All-Stars at the Top 10 point.  And I am okay with that.  Another thing I was okay with was they way they announced and introduced the Top 20.  They selected between 4-5 (okay so there was a 1 and a 2 too) and then had them perform a routine.  I don't think I much care for Stacey Tookey's work.  I just could not get into that routine at all.  I did enjoy Dave Scott's hip hop, but I always enjoy the hip hop routines.  I did not enjoy the tap and I really disliked Travis' roll-on-the-floor-and-throw-fake-leaves routine.  I don't know how I was supposed to watch Yvetta while she was dancing with Pasha.  I guess that is why they make DVRs though, because I was able to rewind it and watch it a couple of times. I did love the LXD Top 10 Guys routine.  It was cool like FBI agents in the Matrix.  And Sonya's Top 10 Girls was odd but enjoyable.  And Tyce's Top 20?  Awesome.  So happy it was not some hokey Broadway number.  I am so happy that this week marks the beginning of the actual performances.  Finally the part I can really sink my teeth into.  I haven't picked a favorite, but there are a few people that are totally off my radar.

Until next week...


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