T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 3

Welcome to today’s episode of T.V. Tuesday. I am you host, Lady Penguin.  We begin today with an overview of what has been on my t.v. this past week.

Beginning on Wednesday, June 1, the Stanley Cup Finals began with a matchup between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. While none of my teams made it to the big show this year, I was able to pick a team I would like to see win…the Vancouver Canucks. In years past, I would have picked the Bruins, but too many things this past year has turned me off of them. Vancouver is celebrating their 40th anniversary and this would be their first cup! Game one was something of a defensive/goaltending showdown. It wasn’t until the clock had 18.5 seconds remaining in the third period (hockey plays three twenty minute periods, followed by twenty minute sudden death overtimes), that Vancouver was able to solve Tim Thomas. Quite a dramatic finish to the game. There was definitely some bad blood between the two teams and tempers were high. There was an alleged biting incident, that was later dismissed by the League, much to Boston’s dismay. We had to wait TWO days for game two. And as expected, the physical and rough and tough fallout resumed. Alexander Burrows was the hero for Vancouver (the alleged biter in the previous game), scoring the first and the 11 seconds into overtime goals to give the Canucks a 2-0 series lead heading into Boston on Monday night. The physical play seemed on overload in the fist 20 minutes of game three. The first period saw a Bruins’ player carried off the ice on a stretcher, suffering a concussion. Boston took that as motivation apparently and handed Vancouver a 8-1 loss. The Canucks can rebound and regain their two game lead with a strong performance on Wednesday night and then take the series back to Vancouver for a decisive game five and could hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup on home ice at the end of the week.

Saturday and Sunday were stay at home days (mostly) and I used the time to knit and catch up on some programming.

First on Saturday I watched two episodes from last season’s Covert Affairs, which returns to USA’s lineup this evening. I started watching the series when it premiered last summer, mostly on DVR and OnDemand as sitting still during the summer is near impossible for me. I’m not really sure I like the show. I do know a few things though…

1. Piper Perabo is not one of my top 100 actresses. I didn’t much care for her acting in Coyote Ugly and I don’t much care for it in this series either. She seems fake and not fake in the good way a CIA operative should be, like fake in that she is reading lines and trying to match up her facial expressions. It results in a giant train wreck.

2. Christopher Gorham IS in my top 100 actors. I love his character Auggie. I sort of wish that Auggie still had his sight so that he could be a field operative. I am not going to lie or bypass the fact that he is very attractive, as evidenced by this photo.

Sure I could have gone with this one,

but why deny my audience what they really want to see?

3. There is something about Peter Gallagher. Mostly it is the eyebrows, but there is something else that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I do enjoy him.

4. And finally, I cannot look at this character without thinking of the movie Soul Man. And that is all I am going to say on that subject.

My DVR is set to record this season and being that it is pretty thinned out on recordings right now, I am sure I will be watching during my weekend knitting sessions.

On Sunday I settled in to catch up on this season’s episodes of Flashpoint. When the series first began, I was going to watch and then something happened and I didn’t watch. Then last season I picked it up again and am totally in love with the show. I am finding an affinity for Canadian produced television shows. I have the first two seasons on DVD which I need to catch up on, but will have plenty of time this summer. I am totally in love with Hugh Dillon and his character Ed.

 Also, I think Amy Jo Johnson is just adorable.

Does anyone remember when she was the Pink Power Ranger?

I barely do. I actually had to be reminded of where I knew her from last year (thank you imdb!). CBS started this season’s run a little early when they pulled CHAOS from their lineup. If you haven’t watched, you should, but the show centers around a Toronto (I am assuming by the overview shots) Emergency Response Unit team (think SWAT meets Criminal Minds psychology). It is jam packed with action and clever puzzle solving. It is a cop show, but has more of a human psyche element to it. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite cop dramas.

And that is today’s show. Stay tuned next week when we discuss the season premier of Covert Affairs, games four and five and possibly six of the Stanley Cup Finals, and Friday’s episode of Flashpoint. If time permits, and someone, i.e. me, watches So You Think You Can Dance, expect coverage of that as well. Thank you for tuning in and we’ll see you next week.


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