Thursday 13: Volume 2 Issue 5

Thirteen Men I Still Crush On
(in no particular order)

1. Brent Johnson - goalie Pittsburgh Penguins

2. John Tortorella - head coach New York Rangers

3. Mark Harmon - actor

4. Alex O'Loughlin - actor

5. Max Talbot - forward Pittsburgh Penguins

6. Donnie Wahlberg - actor/musician

7. Tony Granato - assistant coach Pittsburgh Penguins

8. Hugh Dillon - actor

9. Clive Owen - actor

10. Ian Somerhalder - actor

11. Adrian Zmed - former actor

12. Johnny Depp - actor

13. Matthew Davis - actor

And there you have my slutty fantasy man list.  It is not that easy to come up with 13 hotties.  Try it and let me know how it goes and who is on your list. 

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A Kwee Life said…
I was thinking, I'd wrestle you over 2, 6...9... then I saw number 12! Yup, that one... but... I'm going to have to google number 9!
a wonderful list. I think I would have to agree with most of them. With exception to a few however there is always runner ups right?
Darsh said…
Nice slutty list there!! Haha.. We'd have to duel on #12 though =)
Darsh said…
That's a slutty list there alright! yours. We'd have to duel on #12 though =)

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