WTJ: Volume 2 Issue 3

I got an early start this week, but fizzled out by the end.  I did complete a page, but first let's look at some updates...

First, the back cover. 

I added an "Apple" sticker.  Served two purposes, jazzed up the cover and got a piece of crap off my desk top...

Then I flipped to this page and well, you can see what both my head and heart screamed...

This page is towards the back and I am not a great doodler, but I tried.  I have a long ways to go, I should probably try to find an instructional video or something.

A couple of close ups

And my completed page.  I used my Crayola Twistables in the Vibrant Variety line.

And that is this week's journal update.  Join us next week to see what is new


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