WTJ: Volume 2 Issue 2

This week I started early, thinking I would get more done and in the end, things seemed to get away from me.  Guess I am happy I started early, otherwise I might not have anything to share. 

It might not be my best work, but I am not an artist.  I have never really been the best when it comes to free handing stuff.  I am much better with a coloring book. 

In other happenings:
I hope to have some exciting project progress photos in the next few days.  I have been hard at work on getting a couple of things done.  Hoping to finish a project tonight during the third period of the Vancouver/San Jose game.  And then with any luck tomorrow and Tuesday I will be able to finish up another little project and that will make me feel so much better.  To actually have a finished project?  I almost can't remember what it feels like!


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