WIP Wednesday: V1 Issue 2

Instead of showing photos (I dont' have any updated ones), I will have to tell you what I have in progress. 

Besides the stuff from last week, all pretty much still in its same state of not-doneness, I have been working on school work (2 chapters this week...so far), Wreck This Journal (I have a couple of pages to share on Sunday (and there's still time for more), I have TWO finished projects to share on Friday, I have a new segment to share starting on Tuesday (I am in the process of writing some stuff up, right now I have at least three segments in the early stages), that pesky little thing called "a job" that actually pays my bills, and some furniture movement.

We are having our carpets cleaned on Monday, so Sunday evening I will be spending strategically moving items from my "studio" to inconspicuous locations (re: bathroom and closet).

I just finished up the NCIS swap.  It was a hit I think.  We opened our packages last night during the finale and today I shared what I got with the group as did my partner.  I have some great ideas for next year's swap (fingers crossed there will be another one), that I am really excited about and plan to get started on straight away. 

I have another swap coming due in just a couple of weeks.  A summer reading dishcloth swap (a cloth, book(s) and some other fun items/treats).  I am actually heading to the bookstore in just a little bit for a bit of a knit night get together with a friend.  It is not so much knitting as it is helping her finish up a baby sweater (one I have made several times).  I taught her how to knit last fall and have been her on-call teacher ever since.  She was the friend I went to the movie with a couple of weeks ago.  We are going to Hastings so that I can treat us to a foo-foo coffee.  I love their cherry Italian sodas.

So that is what is In Progress.  Tomorrow will be my re-launch of Thursday 13 (since it failed with last week's blogger outage).


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