WIP Wednesday: V1 Issue 1

Here is another one of those nifty new features I am adding to my repertoire. Ooh, I’m using the fancy words (this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands!).

First up we have a Penguin’s Project (currently untitled)

I am not sure what it is going to turn into, but I do know that I have been slacking on making these little squares. Must get back to it. Just started to burn out a little bit so I took a break. Well that and my team lost game 7 to the Tampa Bay Lightning (who just moved into first spot on my list of “Whom-I-would-not-be-terribly-disappointed-if-they-won-the-Stanley-Cup”). Hopefully I have something more to show you next week. (so you know, I do have a few more than this made)

Next up we have what is tentatively titled Penguin Wings. I am not sure I am 100% sold on the title. It is a crocheted ripple shawl….or will be. Maybe. I am not sure that I am totally in love with the color pooling. But I am at a loss as to what to do with this yarn, as I am not a sock knitter. I am considering some fingerless gloves though. I have more than enough to probably make two shawls and four gloves! (Lesson Learned: More is not always Better)

Then we have this little ditty that I started, no pattern, just winging it. It is untitled as well. It has hopes of being a baby blanket. The drape of the yarn is so awesome. I am doing six rows of grey (or Misty Taupe) and two rows of Aqua (or Ocean Spray). It is slow going. I imagine it would go faster if I were to work more than one row every three or four days though.

Interspersed with all the crafting (or non-crafting) that I am doing, I am also working on this. I have a plan to finish this book by mid-June and get the tests all done, then one more book hopefully to finish by the end of July and I can have my certificate. This was the most logical experiment to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. No sense is spending tens of thousands of dollars working on a Master’s if you are going to burn out and resent it some three months in right?

Sunday, I started working on this and previewed it. It doesn’t look like I have completed much, and really I haven’t. It is definitely a slow going project. Fingering weight on US 2’s it slow with 100+ stitches. I want to get a few more inches done before I tell you what it is going to be. The colors are working beautifully though. It will now just go to the red/burgundy tone. The taupe is just an accent color and will be used towards the end again. I am thinking of making some taupe accessories to go with the finished piece.

I have another project on the needles, but it is buried in my travel bag and I didn’t much feel like pulling it out, but now that it is on my task radar, I will be pulling it out and will have photos next week (fingers crossed).

I feel as though I haven’t been doing much lately and I guess looking at things, I haven’t. I seem to settle in to work and then get sidetracked with either a show or reading or Crunch n Munch. Hoping thought that this small smattering of Spring we are having and my push to get some Spring cleaning done will put me in a place to get some serious crafting done. I have quite the list, just need the motivation and focus. I look forward to this journey to see what I can get done this summer.


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